Aeries Revision Notes 3/16/2023

New Features

  • Parent Data Confirmation - The Requested Documents feature now allow parents to upload files that contain one or more periods within the file name.

California Specific

  • CALPADS Extracts - The SINF Extract did not retrieve a student's updated name in some cases when there were existing CALPADS log details, fixed. 

Texas Specific

  • Attendance Based Grade Reporting - The Use Minimum Number of Absences option was added allowing users the choice to load students based on either an attendance percentage or a minimum number of absences. 

  • Activities and Awards - The C214 activity codes (ACT.CD) and C226 IBC Vendor Codes (ACT.IBV) for Certifications, Licenses, and Program Completions were updated according to new TEA requirements for PEIMS Summer reporting. 

  • Copy Grades to Transcript - For schools who had grades flagged using attendance-based grading, the logic that automatically set the Pass/Fail flag to 07 (Course Was Passed, But Credit Was Not Received) did not function correctly for classes linked using Mark Averaging, fixed. 

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