Navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports > Import Test Results

Select the IB Subject Test Results - SY:2018-19 - 2023/24 file layout to import IB test results that have been downloaded on or after the 2018-19 school year,  

Import Test Results  - IB Subject Test Results file layout selection

The Import Test Results page has been programmed to import only the IB Subject Results file. It is a comma delimited (.csv) file. 

Using the Select Files to Load button, navigate to the IB Subject Test Results data file and select it. Click on the Load button to load the students. If the data file is not in the correct format a message will display. Should this message come up go back to the Select Files to Load button and select and load the correct file.

Import Test Results - Incorrect IB data file notification

The Default Date for the IB Test Results is in the format 05/01/yyyy. The Testing Administration is the year. NOTE: We do not recommend updating the Default Date or Testing Administration, especially when import test records from prior administrations.

Import Test Results - IB Subject Tests - Default Date and Testing Administration

The IB Subject Test Results data file does not include the students' Student IDs, State IDs or birth dates. The only way to match the students is by their first and last name. Select the Last Name, First Name option leaving the Verify Birth Date and Verify Name options unchecked.

Import Test Results  - IB Subject Test Results - Match Options

The IB Subject Test Results import will add/update records to the College Entrance Test (CTS) table. After the import process has completed an email with summary information will be sent to the user that initiated the import. If any test records could not be added due to an unknown test part it will be listed in the email.

Import Test Results - IB Subject Tests - Completion Email

The IB test results can be viewed in the IB tab of the College Entrance Tests page.

College Entrance Tests - IB tab

The Print button will bring up a selection of tests that can be printed for the student. Selecting the IB test will produce the following report:

College Test Scores - College Entrance Tests report

The same report can be run for all students in a school from View All Reports | College Entrance Tests. This report is only available at the School level, it cannot be run from the District.

College Entrance Tests Report - from View All Reports

IB Subject Test Codes and AdminCS

There are many different IB Subject Tests that students can take. To standardize the codes for these various tests Aeries added the IB Subject Test codes into a system code table during the 7/12/2019 AdminCS update. Since then just navigating to one of the following areas will update the system code table with new IB test parts when they are available in a new Aeries version:

  • Import Test Results
  • Query
  • Administrative Functions - Update USYSGCOD (fixed codes) Table button

If a district has already added IB test codes to the Code (COD) table, there may be a discrepancy between the test codes and the test descriptions in the tables. The following query will list all of the IB test codes that are in both the Code (COD) table and in the usysGCOD table. The results of this query should be reviewed to ensure that the descriptions of the tests are the same in both tables.

--To list conflicts of IB Subject tests between usysGCOD and COD tables:




IB Test parts - Example of no conflict with IB test part descriptions

IB Test parts - Example of conflict with local IB part description and Aeries IB part description

If a discrepancy is found in a test description, then the following query can be run against the College Test Scores (CTS) table to see if there are any student test records that use that test code. If so, then the test record may need to be deleted and re-added with the new IB test codes.

SELECT * FROM CTS WHERE CTS.NM = 'IB' and CTS.ST1 = 'xxx'   

--where xxx is the IB test code that you are searching for. For example, CTS.ST1 = 'THE1'