In circumstances where you have an unplanned, temporary, school closure, there are a couple of steps that you must take to make sure your attendance accounting is taken care of. This can happen as a result of a disaster (either real or anticipated) like an earthquake, fire, flood, snow, terrorist threat, or another similar event. 

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To properly handle emergency days in AERIES you should first run a query statement to find if any attendance was entered on that day.

For example:

LIST ATT IF DT = 11/03/2018

Also, if the school uses a Master Schedule there are queries to run a query to determine if any student has started or exited a class on that day.

For example:

LIST CAR IF DS = 11/03/2018
LIST CAR IF DE = 11/03/2018

These records will first need to be evaluated and resolved before any action may be taken in the school's Calendar. For Independent Study or Suspensions, you may need to post additional absence codes on different days. 

All attendance records pertaining to this date should be moved or removed. You may either process each individual student with an absence on this day and delete the attendance, or go into your Aeries SQL database and delete the records from there.

Note:  Verify if the school closure date is a Term (TRM table) date on the Terms or School Options page. If the school closure date is a Term start or end date,  the term date must be changed prior to changing the calendar. Changing the Term date will adjust the dates in grade books and the Course Attendance (CAR table).  Please refer to the Terms article for more information.

After the Attendance and Course Attendance (CAR) records are corrected, you will need to change the Attendance Calendar in Aeries to indicate that the affected day is a “Non-School Day”. Go into the Calendar form in Aeries and add the symbol “@” to the appropriate day in the calendar. 

There is no need to mark all students absent on that school day. These procedures are the preferred method to handle these emergency closure days. If you have a track calendar and all tracks were not affected you will add an asterisk (*) to that date in the appropriate track(s) only.

NOTE: If school was open on a particular day, but enrollment was very low because of a recent emergency, you must still collect attendance and absences need to be cleared as usual. You may be able to request a waiver for days of reduced attendance or closure. Information to request a waiver is listed below:

Below is a link to the California Department of Education, for information on School Closure Considerations: 

In the event an emergency causes school to close physically earlier than the official last day of school, an option has been added to District Settings to specify the Last Day of Regular School Attendance. The STAS extract will then use the specified ending date, instead of the scheduled last day of school when calculating Expected Days of Attendance. This process should be  used when the emergency causes the school(s) no NOT REOPEN before the planned last day of school.