Parent Data Confirmation is a feature of Aeries that allows Parents to update Student demographics, Contacts, Medical conditions, View and agree to School Policies, upload Documents, and update Authorization information.  This process handles the normal “Summer Re-Registration” of Students where Parents are normally required to fill out new Emergency cards, sign various documents, and establish Authorizations. Date ranges are available to control when Parents can modify or enter data, and lock Parents out of other Portal areas until they complete the process. Pre-enrolled student records use their Next Grade value so Data Confirmation can be completed for their upcoming school.

NOTE: If the option to limit Data Confirmation to Ed Rights Holders is enabled in Contacts Options. Only those Contacts tagged with a code of ERH = Y can complete the Data Confirmation process.

A banner message displays to the Parent on their Home page if they have not completed the Data Confirmation process. The Parent can also access Data Confirmation from the Student Info tab dropdown.

Yellow banner notifying a parent they have not completed Data Confirmation

After the Parent clicks the link to continue the process, they are presented with tabbed form to complete all of the required information.

Data Confirmation page in Parent Portal

This system is configurable by the School and details are outlined in other articles.