This feature allows parents to edit Student Contacts and change their personal notification preferences if Aeries Communications is installed. It can also be used to limit the ability to edit Contacts and complete Data Confirmation based on the Educational Rights Holder tag.  This will make it easier for Parents to maintain the Contact information up-to-date and change Emergency Contacts as necessary without waiting for the Data Confirmation window.  If a District imports emails into Portal Accounts for incoming students, they may allow Parents to Self-Associate, which lets the Parent associate themselves with a Contact record after logging in for the first time.

The Contacts tab under School Info > Portal Management > Portal Options controls Parent editing of Contacts and Data Confirmation.


The  Contacts tab will honor the Portal Group Security settings for the Parent Group and automatically show the appropriate settings.  Review the Portal Group Security settings to determine what Contact fields can be viewed and changed by parents. These fields will not be view-able/editable by Parents: ED, LK, MDT, ME, RF, VDT, AP and ERH.  Portal accounts cannot be affected through the Parent Portal. Any 'Defined fields for Data Entry' that apply to users do not apply to the Parent Portal.


The Contacts tab has 3 settings.  Clicking on the Info icon will bring up a description of the setting.

 Limit editing to Educational Rights Holders - This limits the ability to edit Contact records or complete Data Confirmation to only Educational Rights Holders:  CON.ERH = Y

NOTE: For this option to work, the 'Y' value must be entered in the COD table with an 'Amount' of 2

Allow Portal Accounts To Self-Associate - When a Portal Account is not associated to a Contact record, this allows the user to associate themselves with a Contact record.

Contact Management Windows - This allows for setting date ranges for Contact management by Parents outside of the Data Confirmation window. If no dates are entered here, the Parent Data Changing window dates will be used. If date ranges are entered here and in the Parent Data Changing windows, both date ranges will be used.

With the self-associate option turned on, Parents will get a banner message when logging into the parent portal encouraging them to associate their account.

Then the parent will be prompted to select the contact to associate with. This is limited to only those contacts with a blank email address, and this is only displayed when the portal account is not already associated with a contact for this student.

Also ensure there is a Change Details Email Address under Parent Data Changing

Parent Portal management of Contacts

When the Parent navigates to Student Info > Contacts, they are presented with the same view as the user has under Student Data > Contacts

Records Locked by School staff will not be editable.

The Pencil icon will open the editing window.  The editable fields will be based on the Parent user type and the Parent Portal Group permissions allowed.  All changes are immediate.  Only those fields that the Parent Portal Group has UPDATE permissions to will be shown.

If the District requires at least one Contact be marked as a Parent/Guardian a warning message appears if none of the Contacts are coded as Parent/Guardian. The Codes used are User-defined.  See District Settings

Contacts who are tagged with a Code representing Parent/Guardian may also be required to enter an Education Level for each of those contacts.