Additional Permissions for Teachers

Restricted Portal Accounts

Push Permissions to Other Schools


Navigate to Security > Portal Groups

Portal Groups are Security groups used to set permissions for Parents, Students, Teachers, and Substitute Teacher accounts. There is also a Restricted Portal Accounts group which is used to restrict access to certain parent portal accounts. Permissions can be assigned to a Group and then pushed to other schools.

List of Portal Groups


Admin only


Select a Portal Group to assign permissions to by clicking a Portal Group name.

Select a School to assign portal group permissions from the dropdown list. The schools available to select from the dropdown list come from the LOC table.

School List Drop down

Once a Portal Group and School are selected, deselect the Display Current Permissions option to display all Security areas. To set permissions for the Portal Group, click the appropriate permission boxes for each area.  Student Data and Emergency Contacts have additional Field-level permissions that can be set.  There is no Save button, the permissions are effective immediately.

Uncheck the Display Current Permissions box to show all permissions

Note: These fields are not available to Parents and granting permission will not display them:  "ED", "LK", "MDT", "ME", "RF", "VDT", "ERH", "AP"  . These fields either are for the use of School Staff or need additional verification.

Once all permissions have been set for the Portal Group, select the Display Current Permissions box and the form displays the permissions assigned to the Portal Group.

Additional Permissions for Teachers ↑

Individual User permissions can be given to a Teachers' User account under Security > Users

User account information

In the example below, in addition to the permissions allowed for the Teachers Group, this specific teacher has permissions to Supplemental Attendance Data and to View All Students in Current School. 

Example of a teacher with additional permissions to Supplemental attendance and View all students

NOTE: if a Substitute Teacher account is created for a Teacher who has been granted additional permissions, only the Substitute Teachers Group permissions will apply, not the additional permissions.

Restricted Portal Accounts

The Restricted Portal Accounts group on the Portal Groups page can be used to restrict the access given to certain portal accounts. The Restricted Portal Accounts group works in conjunction with the Parent Access Restriction feature.

List of Portal Groups

When setting up the permissions for the Restricted Portal Accounts, only grant permissions to areas you want a restricted portal account to be able to access.

As shown below, the Restricted Portal Accounts group for Screaming Eagle High School will only allow a restricted portal account to view Student Demographics and Enrollment History.

Limited permissions for the Restricted Portal Accounts

If the Restriction is removed from a student, the portal account will again look at the Parents Portal Group for permissions.

Push Permissions to Other Schools

The Portal Groups page has a Push Permissions to Other Schools feature. This can be used to push Portal Group security permissions that have been set up for one school and Portal Group to other schools.

After setting up permissions for a Portal Group and school, click the Push Permissions To Other Schools button.

Click the Push Permissions to Other Schools button

A form displays with the list of active schools from the LOC table.

List of Active Schools

Individual schools can be selected, or all schools can be selected by checking the box at the top of the Push? column.

After selecting the schools to push permissions to, click the Push button. Ho

Click the Push button to push permissions to other schools