CALPADS Changes for the 2023/2024 School Year - Updated 9/15/2023

The following are changes to CALPADS for the 2023/2024 school year.  

Per CALPADS, as of July 1, 2023:

Update - The following changes were released in the 6/22/2023 update:

  • The Transitional Kindergarten grade level (TK) was added to Grade Level translations. A warning message is displayed if the translation does not apply to the school year in which the user is logged in. See CALPADS Extracts - Code Translations Tab

  • Effective July 1, 2023, the SPRG extract no longer auto-generates program records with code 185 for Transitional Kindergarten as of a 2023-2024 database. 

  • New Transitional Kindergarten - 
    • A new grade level of “TK” for students attending transitional kindergarten will be added to CALPADS.  TK students will be extracted in all extracts with the new grade level.  The Define Grade Level page will be used to determine the TK grade level in Aeries.
    • Program records for code - 185 Transitional Kindergarten will no longer be auto-generated

Update 9/15/2023 -  CALPADS changes for 2023-2024 - The Following changes were released in the 9/15/2023 update:

  • CALPADS Extracts - See CALPADS 2023-2024 Changes
    • The page now supports the new three-character language codes for the 2023-2024 school year, which will be effective 9/19/2023. The translations will automatically be added to the cross-reference table (XRF). See new What are the new CALPADS Language Codes? .
    • The Parent Education Level is now extracted from the Ed Level field on the Contacts page (CON.ELV) for both parents according to the Codes Identifying Parent/Guardian in Contacts (CON.CD) setting on District Settings, due to changes in the CALPADS state requirements. If the district setting is blank, primary contacts are extracted. See Managing Contacts/Identifying Guardians for SINF Extract.
    • The Get Parent/Guardian Information from STU.PG and STU.PED (instead of CON) option is now disabled due to the changed requirements.
    • A date picker was added allowing users to select the date on which changes are submitted. The default date can be changed as needed.
    • Effective 9/19/2023, the Student Enrollment extract includes the new Graduation Exemption Indicator in column 1.35, indicating whether a student graduated with an exemption from local graduation requirements, which is extracted from the new Graduation Exemption field (STU.GEX) on Demographics > Student Data 2.

Per CALPADS, as of Mid-September:

  • Language Codes:
  • SB-532 Graduation Requirements - New SENR Indicator - A new indicator will be added to the SENR file for all exited students with E230/100 codes (high school graduates)


Update - The following changes were released in the 8/24/2023 update:  

  • In the 8/24/2023 update, a new field was added to the Student Demographics page on the Student Data 2 tab for the Graduation Exemption indicator. It displays when the Completion Status code (STU.HSG) is populated with the Standard HS Diploma code - 100.  See CALPADS in Aeries Basics - Student Data Fields

  • The CALPADS SENR extract file will be adjusted to include this new indicator.  This is currently in development.

  • Parent/Guardian Highest Grade Level and Name Validations - The Parent/Guardian Highest Education Level will be collected for both Parent/Guardian 1 AND Parent/Guardian 2 in the Student Information (SINF) File if both Parent/Guardian fields are populated.  The Aeries Contacts table will be used to collect this information.
    • Also new CALPADS validations will be added for the Parent/Guardian First Name and Last Name fields.  If the First Name is populated for a Parent/Guardian, then the Last Name will be REQUIRED to be populated and vice versa.

        Refer to this document for more information on Managing Contacts - Identify Guardians for CALPADS SINF Extract.

Adjustments to the CALPADS Code Set changes for 2023-24 school year will be updated in Aeries to align with the CALPADS CODE SET v15.0 document released in July 2023.

We will provide more information and documentation once completed.

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