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Exit student during open grading window

Can we exit students even if the grading window is open? And do the grades move to transcript even if the student is exited?

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I'm wondering the same in regards to exiting a student during an open grading window.  How will this affect grades or finalizing grades overall?

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I am wondering if there is a way to have teachers use a withdrawal form and drop students and have attendance and Standards Based Grades for Elementary Schools up to the date of the drop even if this is before the grading window opened in the first Trimester  or during the grading window. Currently if the student gets dropped, the student is no longer active and there is no attendance or grades when the student is inactive. There is also no grading history before the end of the first Trimester.  Best Practice example would be great help!

Students that have been no showed after the grade reporting has been initialized are showing up in grades and notifying the teachers that they have not completed their grading.  Need to know how to handle this situation,

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