Known Issue - CALPADS Extract Changes required **Consolidated 6/3/22

**These items have been consolidated to the regular ongoing CALPADS Known Issues article, posted below. That article will allow each change required to be updated as individual items are completed.

Due to the changes CALPADS launched in their new environment, we were notified today (5/12/22) that we need to make immediate adjustments to several CALPADS Extracts. We are beginning development work on them now, and will update this list as we move along this process. Here is the priority of the changes we will be making. Links are provided to the Aeries Ideas items for each of these, so you can add yourself to the items and be notified directly when action is taken on them. 

  • Change Enrollment Update extract processes
  • Change EOY extract processes
  • Change remaining Extract processes
  • Remove Replacement file type from SPRG extracts

Here is a link to more information on what prompted these changes, and why. CALPADS Post-Redesign Changes

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Thank you for sharing the info. Appreciate you folks at Aeries trying to keep up with their issues. CALPADS stinks!!!!! 

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Thank you!! 

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I kinda thought that was the direction that this was going to have to go since Calpads isn't reading the exit for a student before reading the enter to the new school.

Is it 23/24 yet?

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Thank you for this information - can you please remind us which files are full replacement files along with the updates when AERIES pushes one out - with everything that is going on - our minds are all over the place!!!  

Also how is this going to work when we have one student that left a school site during this year - went to another school site this year (indp Study) and is going back to the original school site for next year.  What I have done to these students so that the school sites can give them courses for next year.  I have put the original school as a pre-enrolled student and have updated their school enter date with the  first day of school next year - the leave date is still in that original record.

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Bea, we are researching that right now as we scope out all the changes that are needed. I will be updating this Known Issues post as we go along, to make it more transparent what is changing and when. Also, we will be extensively testing out solutions in the Staging area before releasing them to our customers. 

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This is a sad state of affairs for the CDE. I appreciate the work Aeries is doing to try and stay ahead of this mess.

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Thank you Jan!

Hopefully the end goal here for the SIS vendors can be the same API setup that the SEDS vendors have, that would allow us to log records that have been successfully uploaded and, more importantly, allow us to exclude individual failed records from an extract to re-upload & post immediately.

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Thank you Jan! We appreciate the updates. You all are doing great!!

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Jan, Aeries and the other SIS vendors should discuss joining forces and telling the CDE that this current solution is not a good solution moving forward. The necessity for 3 separate files for major extracts. The additional upload and processing time for CALPADS. The increase in the chances of validation errors. Tripling the work load for CALPADS administrators. These are just some of the reasons for them to reconsider this "update."

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Suanne-Absolutely agreed! We're the ones paying the price for this change. 

Thank you Aeries for doing all you can to support us!!  We know you're not the ones who made this change. 

Can I make a recommendation for you to look at the CalPads process that Powerschool has?  Based on my limited understanding, it seems like the process they already have set up will help them be successful with minimal changes during this whole CalPads update. Also, it sounds like they have CalPads Validations built into their Extract process.

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Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.  Appreciate you all!

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I am just checking in to see if there are any updates. Our administration is asking.

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Is there an expected timeline of when these known extract changes will take place?

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