The Notifications screen in the Aeries Mobile App includes two type of notification messages to the parents. The first is the Data Confirmation notifications when the Data Confirmation window opens and the parents need to complete it. The second is the Grade Notifications to parents when their student's gradebook grade falls below or rises above a threshold identified by the parent.

The Notifications screen can be found in the More list. Tap on Notifications to bring up the Notifications screen

Data Confirmation Notifications

When the parent needs to complete Data Confirmation a notification will appear in the Notifications screen. Notifications that have not been read will display a red New icon to the left of the notification. The Notifications screen displays notifications for all students in the parent portal account, so in the below screenshot even though the current student is Abel, the notification that is displayed is for Allan. 

Once a notification has been read (tapped on), the red icon will disappear.  Please note that at this time notifications are not removed or hidden from the app during the school year. 

Tap on the notification to read it and for Data Confirmation use it to proceed to the Data Confirmation pages. To continue to Data Confirmation tap on Go

The parent will be directed to a mobile-friendly view of the Data Confirmation pages in the Parent Portal. The Data Confirmation process will guide the parent through all of the steps. When the parent has completed Data Confirmation or at any time while in it, they can select a mobile app icon at the bottom of the screen to leave Data Confirmation and return to the Mobile Portal App.

For more information on Data Confirmation setup please review the Data Confirmation / Summer Re-Registration articles.

For more information on the parent view of Data Confirmation please review the Viewing Data Confirmation as a Parent article.

Push Notifications for Gradebook Alerts

Push notifications for changes in gradebook grades can be set up within the Mobile Portal App. For more information on what Gradebook Alerts are and how to implement them please review the Gradebook Alerts for Parents and Students article.

To set up push notifications for Gradebook Alerts in the Mobile Portal App the parent will tap on the More icon at the bottom of the screen and select Settings. On the Settings screen tap on Notification Settings.

In the Notification Settings screen slide the Push Notifications button to the right to turn it on. If a Grade Filter has not already been created, tap on New Filter and create a new gradebook alert threshold.

After creating the gradebook alert threshold it will display in the Notifications Settings screen. Please note that Grade Notifications are only available for students in secondary schools.

When a threshold is met, the phone will receive a notification of the grade change. There will also be a message in the Notifications screen.