Family Information

Income Survey Tab

Student Demographics and Contacts

Medical Information


Requested Documents

Final Data Confirmation

Below is an example of what Data Confirmation might look like to a Parent. It varies depending on the Data Confirmation setup.

Family Information

Family Information is Step 1 of the Data Confirmation process for the Residence Survey if the Parent Portal Group has Read and Update permissions to the Parent Response to Survey security area.

Family Information as first step

Income Survey Tab

The Income Survey Tab allows Schools/Districts to collect limited financial data on their students.

Income as the second step

Once a selection is made for the "How many people are in your household?" question, a follow up question "What is your total monthly household income?" appears. 

The available options for the second question "What is your total monthly household income?" vary based on the response to the previous question.   

After the "Confirm and Continue" button is selected on the Income Survey, a message displays indicating the data for the Income Survey cannot be changed. 

Confirm Income Survey answers prompt

Once confirmed, the Income Survey tab displays a green check mark.

Student Demographics and Contacts

The Student Demographics tab allows changes to demographic information based on the Portal Group Field Level Security settings for the Parent Group. Refer to Portal Group security documentation for more information.

Student demographic tab

The following hard-coded text displays next to the address fields. If the address information is changed by the Parent during the Parent Data Confirmation process, an email is sent to the email address populated on the Portal Options, Parent Data Changing, and General tab. The address is NOT changed in the database.


Note: If a Parent attempts to make an address change, the address field text displays in red to bring attention to the text.

Hard-coded text displayed to parents about addresses

The following is an example of the email that is sent for address changes:

Address change request email to staff

Emails are generated for every email address linked to the Student ID when any of the data is changed by the Parent. The options on the Portal Options, Parent Data Changing, General tab, Do NOT Email Parents/Students on Data Confirmation? can be selected to prevent emails from being sent to Parents or Students.

Students with the Records Release (STU.DNR) field populated with a Restricted code have information hidden on the Student Demographics and the Contacts tab is not shown.

Also, the portal option to Hide Student Contact Info under the Miscellaneous tab hides the Contacts tab.

The Contacts tab allows changes to Contacts based on the Portal Group Field Level Security settings for the Parent Group. Refer to Portal Group security documentation for more information.

Contact edit form

If the District requires at least one Contact be marked as a Parent/Guardian a warning message appears if none of the Contacts are coded as Parent/Guardian. The Codes used are User-defined.  See District Settings

Message to parent that no contact is designated as parent

Contacts who are tagged with a Code representing Parent/Guardian may also be required to enter an Education Level for each of those contacts.

message to parents that education level is required

Medical Information

The Students existing Medical History (MHS) records display at the top of the page. Parents can select additional codes. The No Longer Applies button adds an End Date to the Medical History record for the student. The record is not deleted.

Any changes to the Medical History page by the parent generates an email to the email populated on the Portal Options General tab for Change Medical Details Email Address.

This page is hidden from Parents if no codes are selected on the Portal Options Medical History and Conditions page.

Medical History step


The School can provide various documents for the Parent to read during the Registration process, such as policies, handbooks, rules, etc. Some may be required reading and the Parent may not continue until they have clicked on the Document. These are configured on the Portal Documents page.

Documents step

Requested Documents

If the District has setup Document Requests, the Requested Documents step shows up after Authorizations. The Parents can upload documents that are stored in Student Documents. Most regular document formats can be uploaded. Once a document is uploaded it is Pending for Staff approval.  Once approved the documents can be viewed in  Student Documents.  At any time before the documents are approved, the Parent can delete them by clicking on the 'X' next to the document name. This removes them from the Staff view also. Once documents are approved they can no longer be deleted by the Parent, but can be viewed in the Portal by navigating to Student Information  > Student Documents if permission has been given to the Portal group. The Document Requests are not School specific, but set up by the District.

Note: if the file uploaded is a HEIC file (default iPhone picture  format) it is automatically converted to .jpg format

Requested documents step

Document Requests may be Optional or Required. If Required, the Parent cannot proceed until uploading a document for that Request. Multiple documents may be uploaded for a Request. File types the Parents can upload are controlled in District Settings.

Final Data Confirmation

The Final Data Confirmation page displays a Finish and Submit button. To complete the Data Confirmation the Parent must click on the Finish and Submit button.

After the Parent clicks on the Finish and Submit button, the following Data Confirmation Receipt email is sent to the email address of the parent account.

The Final Data Confirmation page then displays any custom text and an option to Print New Emergency Card if that option has been turned on. Both of these options can but turned off in Portal Options.

Final data confirmation step

Note: The Student Emergency Card honors the Hide Student Contact Info option on Portal Options and the Student Record Release (STU.DNR) field for whether or not to display address, phone and email information.