As part of the Data Confirmation process, and as parents complete the Data Confirmation, Staff may have the need to monitor who has completed the Data Confirmation process.

The Data Confirmation Status report (formerly called Information Confirmation Status) will generate a listing of students and their Data Confirmation status. This report includes options to include only those students who have not confirmed so that those students can be followed up on. When running with the option to include those who completed, final data confirmation must have been completed.

Note: The Data Confirmation Status Report will only show data for tables that the Parent Portal group has been given permission to confirm data for. In addition, the ICL table will not add records for tables that are hidden from the parent. 

In addition, the Data Confirmation Log (formerly called Information Confirmation Log) page may be viewed for an individual student to determine if they have completed the Final Data Confirmation. This may be useful information to access for an individual student at events such as schedule pickup days to verify if the parent data confirmation process has been completed.

This data is stored in the ICL table, and querying the ICL table would also be a way to access this data.