Creating Document Requests

Document Approval


The Portal Documents Requests page allows Districts to request documents from Parents. Students can be given access to this feature also, if desired. This can be part of the Parent Data Confirmation/Registration process or other designated times. Districts can create requests for specific types of documents such as Utility Bills or Cable Bills for Residency Verification, or documents that Parents have signed for Authorizations. The Parents can upload multiple documents per Request and the Requests can be optional or required. 

The Portal Documents Requests page is found under School Info > Portal Management.  Although it is accessible from the School level, the Requests are District-wide, not per School.


View Portal Document Requests page, edit Requests
Add new Requests
Delete Requests
PDTNoneHolds the translations for the Requests by Correspondence Language
DOCRead, Update
Read, Update, Delete
Allow the change from Pending to approved documents
Delete Pending Approval documents

View the Document Requests step in PDC and Portal and submit documents
Delete submitted documents before they have been approved
Student_Document_ApprovalsUpdateApprove documents submitted by Parents (also need RU to DOC)

Creating Document Requests

The Portal Documents Requests has two sections. The top section is to customize the lead-in text that appears to Parents/Students and would usually contain instructions.  The upper section also has Date fields that control whether the Document Requests show as a separate link under Student Information in the Parent Portal. This can be used to allow Parents/Students to submit documents outside of the PDC window.

In the upper right is a language selector to enter translations for the lead-in text.

The WYSIWIG editor is for customizing the text.

The lower section is for creating the Document Requests.

To create a new Document Request click on Add Document Request and the edit window will open up.

Title - The Name/Type of Request. e.g. 'Residency Verification', 'Interdistrict Transfer', 'Transcripts'

Description - This will display to the Parent and should explain what type of documents should be uploaded. e.g. 'Please upload a copy of a Utility Bill or Cable Bill', 'Please upload any transcripts from other schools'. You could also specify format such as .jpg or .pdf.

Category/Sub Category - These will be the Categories/Sub Categories defined in your Code table for Student DocumentsWhen the documents are approved, they will be stored in Student Documents with this Category/Sub Category.

Options - Whether the Document will be required or not before proceeding.

Document Type - This relates to the Security Area in Student Documents and will imported with this area.

Note: All fields are required except options

After completing the Request, you must Save it before adding translations. 

To add Translations, use the dropdown in the upper right to choose a language and enter the translated text. Save after each translation.

When you are finished with the translations click Save and Close.

Requests can be edited by clicking on the Pencil icon and deleted with the Trash can.

The order that the Requests appear in the Portal can be changed using the Drag icon to move them up or down.

Document Approval

Once Parents/Students submit documents during the Parent Data Confirmation window or using the link under Student Information, the submitted documents appear in Student Documents as Pending Documents. This allows schools to review the documents submitted and if they are acceptable they can be approved. If not, they can delete them and/or get in touch with the Parent to ask them to submit a new document.   Parents can also delete a submitted document in the Portal before it is approved if they realize they uploaded the wrong document.

Note: Pending Documents will have a status of 'P' in DOC.APV

Clicking the 'Check' will approve the document and move it up into the Students' documents with the Category/Sub Category set in the Request.  If a Pending document is deleted it will disappear from the Parent Portal.  If a Parent deletes a document from the  Requested Documents  before it is approved, it will be removed from the Pending Documents.

From the Parent view using the Utility Bills in the screenshot as an example: 

The Parent has uploaded two documents.

The Utility Bills have not been approved yet, so they are in Pending Documents.  The Parent can delete the documents by clicking on the 'X' to the right of the document.  In this case, the Parent decides to delete the Gas bill before it is approved.

And it is removed from the Pending Documents

The School approves the Utility Bill and it becomes part of the Students documents.

And the Parent can no longer delete it.

Once all documents are approved, the Pending Documents area no longer shows.

After Data Confirmation and Document approval, Parents can view the documents they've uploaded by navigating to Student Documents in the Portal if they have permission to view them.