Requirements for Parent Data Confirmation

  • Portal Options must be configured at EACH school.

  • Student has to be Active or Pre-enrolled.

  • Today must be between the Parent Data Change Start Date and Parent Data Change End Date for the student's school. There must be and End Date.Parent Data Change windows

  • There must be a Change Details Email for the student's school.

Change Details Email field

  • For the Yellow Banner to appear a Parent Data Confirmation Start Date must be set

data confirmation start date

  • If using the Parent Confirmation Lockout Dates, ensure the Grade Levels are set correctly at the School.

parent data confirmation lockout dates

lockout dates grade level selection

  • The Authorizations Display date cannot be in the futureauthorizations display date

  • The Parent Portal group for the Student's school must have permission to at least one of the PDC steps.

  • Parent cannot be restricted, based on Secondary Student Data (SSD) restricted values.

parent access restrictions in secondary student data

  • If the Only Educational Rights Holders option is enabled under Contacts there must be a CON record for the current student with a matching email address to the PWA account which has CON.ERH set to 'Y' ( ERH code value with an N1 value of 2.)

education rights holder selection in Contact options

educational rights holder field on the contact record

educational rights holder code defined in update code table

  • Email setup must be configured on the District School Options page.

email smtp configuration on the school options page

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