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Parent Data Conformation



A new version of the Residence Survey has been updated using the 2021 CDE Guidelines. A new option will display on the Portal Options, Parent Data Changing, Family Information tab to update to the November 2021 CDE Guidelines.  Clicking on the Update 2021 CDE Guidelines button will update the Online Enrollment and Parent Data Confirmation to display the descriptions and information from the updated guidelines.

CDE Housing Questionnaire

Portal Options

The conversion process will need to be run on an individual school basis.

A confirmation message will display. 

The default descriptions for each of the survey options can be customized.  If the user needs to revert back to the default 2021 text after customizing, the fields can be cleared out and saved.  This will reload the default descriptions.

NOTE:  As of the 6/15/2023 update, the "None of the Above" option has been removed based on California Department of Education (CDE) feedback.

The Homeless Liaison contact information are district fields.  Information populated at one school will be viewed by all schools.  Multiple names and email addresses can be added for the Homeless Liaison Contact Information.

NOTE: If using Online Enrollment, only a single school's Portal Options must be updated in order to see the updated Residence Survey questionnaire. If using Parent Data Conformation, each school's Portal Options must be updated for that school to view the updated Residence Survey questionnaire.

Parent Data Conformation

After the conversion, the Online Enrollment and Parent Data Confirmation will display the verbiage from the 2021 CDE Housing Questionnaire. 

When one of the Homeless options are selected, additional sections display to the Parent/Guardian.  

  • Unaccompanied Youth - Selecting this option will allow the Special Programs record to update the Unaccompanied Youth (PGM.UY)  field when confirming the record in the Residence Survey Audit process.
  • Children's' Rights - Text for the rights for the children from the CDE Housing Questionnaire will display.
  • Additional Children - Parent's can enter additional children.  The data is stored in the Parent Response Details (PRD) table and can be viewed on the Residence Survey Audit page.  Additional children with the same address and with the same Parent Portal Account (PWS.AID) number will display and be saved in the Parent Response Details (PRD) table.


Online Enrollment documentation: https://support.aeries.com/a/solutions/articles/14000082170#residence

Parent Data Confirmation documentation:  https://support.aeries.com/support/solutions/articles/14000071659-parent-data-confirmation-setup