Parent Data Confirmation is a feature of Aeries Web that allows parents to update or add student demographics, contacts, medical conditions, and authorization information online using the Parent Portal. This process handles the normal summer re-registration of students where parents are normally required to fill out fresh emergency cards, sign various documents and establish authorizations. It also allows documents to be available to parents.  

Districts define various steps including:

  • Family Information: These include the Residence Survey, Foster Youth Survey, and Military Survey.
  • Income Survey: If not disabled, parents can answer the income survey in lieu of a formal meal application. A free and reduced record is created for the student based on the income amount selected by the parent. For more information, see Parent Data Confirmation Setup - Income Survey tab 
  • Student Demographics: Parents can update student demographic information such as phone numbers and other fields that are allowed by the school.
  • Contacts: Parents can make updates to emergency contact data and family contact information.
  • Medical History: Parents can make notes or updates to past medical history or add additional information related to new medical conditions.
  • Documents: Required or optional documents can be posted in the portal for parents to review and access. Parent acknowledgment of specific documents can be required.
  • Authorizations: Districts can collect parent agreements or authorization/prohibitions on any item needed such as student internet use, photo release, directory listing, etc.
  • Final Data Confirmation: Allows parents to confirm their update and to optionally print and sign a hard copy of the emergency card with the updates that parents have indicated in the Data Confirmation process.

The Data Confirmation feature is customizable by each school site in the district. Customization features include custom text, instructions, identification of date windows when parents have access to the Data Conformation window, and the ability to block parent access to the rest of the Parent Portal features if Data Conformation steps have not been completed.

The content of the Data Confirmation screens can be translated to various languages during the configuration process.

Full documentation on how to set up Parent Data Confirmation can be found at this link:   Parent Data Confirmation Setup