The Miscellaneous tab will display the various miscellaneous options.

  • Hide Student Contact Info (STU & CON) – When this option is selected, Student Contact information is not available to Parents, Students, and Teachers. The address fields and other contact information like phone numbers are no longer available.

Due to the existence of student address information on the State Electronic Score Reports, the State Electronic Test Scores Reports page will not allow parents, students or teachers to access score reports if the Portal Option to Hide Student Contact Info (STU & CON) is selected.  

  • Do Not Show Teacher/Counselor Field to Parent/Students - When this option is selected, the Teacher or Counselor field is not available to Parents and Students.  The Teacher or Counselor field will display as N/A. 
  • Disable Session Keep-Alive for Teachers – When this option is selected, the session keep alive will be disabled for teachers on certain keep alive pages like Gradebook and Attendance by Month. Selecting this option will display the session time out messages to the teacher if their Aeries Web Version session reaches the time out setting.
  • Discipline entry notification email address (for tchr adds)  When a teacher enters new Assertive Discipline (ADS) or Discipline (DIS) records (if security permissions allow), an email is now sent to the email address identified in this field. For more information see the following:
  • Graduation Status form disclaimer (if any): – Text can be added in this field that will display on the Graduation Status section of the Students Profile, on the students Graduation Status page and also on the Graduation Status report.  Below is an example of the text display.

  • Hide students in parent portal  Students will be hidden from the parent and student portal if their status tags match what is specified here. These students will not be displayed on the Change Student menu in the portal. Status tags are entered as a comma-delimited list. You may specify any status tags to hide. The example below would hide Inactive, Pre-enrolled, and No-show students. To hide the active tag, add a comma followed by a space to the end of the string.  This setting can be different for each school.  Leaving this field blank will allow all status tags to be shown to parents and students for the school.