Some districts want to hide the Class Schedule and Teacher information from the parents and students before the start of school until the scheduling has been finalized. There are several areas that need to be addressed: Parent/Student Portal, Mobile Portal, and Aeries Communication (Signal Kit or ParentSquare). 

Parent Portal, Student Portal and Mobile Portal

In order to hide this information from the Parent/Student Portals and from the Mobile Portal, the Parent and Student Group permissions to Scheduling and Gradebook tables will need to be removed or set to Deny. This needs to be done for every school in the district that has students associated with Parent Portal/Student Portal accounts. 

For Secondary Schools or Elementary Schools using a Master Schedule any tables that parents have permission to that include course, gradebook or teacher information need to be set to Deny or no value. These tables include Class Schedules (SEC), Class Schedule History (CAR), Course Requests (SSS), Individualized Academic Plan (APC), and Student Gradebook Scores (GBS).

Elementary Schools without a Master Schedule will need to have permission removed from or set to Deny for the  Student Gradebook Scores (GBS) table.

Other areas that may provide teacher information and should have permission removed or set to Deny for all schools are:  Email List, Student Sibling Data, and Test Scores (TST) to hide the Test Details report. 

In addition to removing permission to tables, the Portal Option "Do not Show Teacher/Counselor Field to Parents/Students" needs to be checked for all schools in the district that has students associated with Parent Portal/Student Portal accounts.

NOTE: There is currently a bug for Elementary Schools with no Master Schedule. Despite all of the Parent/Student Group permissions set to no value or Deny, and the Portal Option "Do Not Show Teacher/Counselor Field to Parents/Students" being selected, if the teachers create Gradebooks before the first day of school their name will display in the Grades Screen of the Mobile Portal App. To avoid this scenario you may want to remove Teacher Group permission to Gradebooks (i.e., remove the teacher's ability to create gradebooks) prior to the first day of school and then reinstate their permissions to Gradebooks on the first day of school.

Aeries Communications

ParentSquare provides a support article which is available from your ParentSquare login that goes over how to allow the classes to be viewed (active) or not viewed (inactive)