The Scheduling tab on the Portal Options page controls parameters for how students and parents access the Course Requests Entry page in the Student or Parent Portal.  The Scheduling tab displays the date windows (per grade level) during which Parents and Students can update course requests, as well as other scheduling options. A link is provided to the Portal Groups page to update permissions for the parent and student Portal Groups, which require Update permissions to Course Requests (SSS) to add or modify course requests using the Parent or Student Portal

Portal Options Scheduling Tab


If checked, the option Allow Parents/Students to edit Alternate Course Reqs will allow Parents and Students to add Alternate Course Requests as they add primary Course Requests on the Portal.

Allow Parents/Students to edit Alternate Course Requests

A Maximum Number of Primary Course Reqs and a Maximum Number of Alternate Course Reqs can be set. If values are entered and saved, an alert message will display if the parent or student tries to exceed the maximum.

Set Maximums for Primary/Alternate Course Requests

A link to the Portal Groups page is provided. If students or parents will be adding Course Requests using the Student or Parent Portal, the Students and/or Parents Portal Groups will need Update permissions to SSS (Course Requests).

Portal Groups need Update permissions to SSS to enter Course Requests on the Portal

On the Portal Options page's Scheduling tab, two more Scheduling Options can be set to define how parents and students use the portal for scheduling purposes.

Hide Scheduling Results and/or Currently Scheduled Classes on the Portal

Hide Scheduling Results from Parents and Students - This option prevents parents and students from seeing preliminary scheduling results online. With this option checked, parents and students with Read permissions to SSS will only see Course Requests (and not scheduled sections) on the portal Course Requests/Schedule page.

Hide Currently Scheduled Classes For Future Terms from Parents and Students - This option will prevent any scheduled classes for a future term from being seen in the Parent and Student Portals.