A Portal Option is available which provides an automatic email notification when a teacher creates a new Assertive Discipline record. The Portal Options page is accessed from the Navigation tree under School Info.

Enter an email address in the "Assertive Discipline entry notification email address (for tchr adds)" option.  When a teacher enters new Assertive Discipline (ADS) record (if security permissions allow), an email is sent to the email address identified in this field. Multiple email addresses may be entered separated by commas or semicolons.

The assertive discipline email text can be customized in the District School Options page.  When logged into the District, the School Options page is accessed from the Navigation tree under School Info. At the bottom of the page is the Teacher Assertive Discipline Email section under the Customizable Text section.   This will allow districts to customize the email sent to the school office when a teacher enters an Assertive Discipline (ADS) record. 

Click on the Change button to customize the text.

Click on the Update button when complete.

Below is an example of an email with customized text.