The Incidents popup can be displayed from the Assertive Discipline, Witnesses, and Victims pages. On any of these pages, click on the Lookup or magnifying glass iconto view the Incidents popup window. The Incidents popup allows users with the appropriate permissions to view Assertive Discipline incidents. The popup can also be used to copy an existing Incident ID from another student's Assertive Discipline record to an Assertive Discipline, Witnesses, or Victims record, if an incident involves more than one violator or the incident has victims or witnesses. The Incidents popup is viewable from the District level, but it is read-only.

Copying an Incident ID 

When adding a new Assertive Discipline record, an Incident ID will automatically be added to the discipline record when it is saved.  Alternatively, if several students are involved in the same incident, an existing Incident ID can be copied to a new Assertive Discipline record. To choose an existing Incident ID, click on the magnifying glass iconto view the Incidents popup window.

The Incidents popup will default to display records from the date in the Assertive Discipline record. If it is a new record, the page defaults to the current date, but can be changed. Click on the Incident ID that should be copied to the current student's record. As the mouse hovers over the incidents, a green shading will highlight the Incident ID that will be copied. If the Incident ID is being copied to an Assertive Discipline record, the record that is currently being created may be displayed in the list, with an Incident ID of 0 and the current student's name.

Once an Incident ID is clicked, the popup will close and the Incident ID will be copied to the Assertive Discipline record.

Filtering Options on the Incidents Popup

The Incidents popup can display incidents in a specific date range or by Incident ID. To see all the incidents in a specific date range, choose a Start Date and End Date to filter by and click the Search button.

Incidents during the date range will be displayed, in reverse chronological order. Alternatively, a specific Incident ID can be searched for by typing the Incident ID number into the Incident ID field and clicking the Search button. 

When a specific Incident ID is displayed, the Incidents popup will display any Victims and/or Witnesses associated with the same Incident ID (appropriate permissions to the VIC and/or WIT tables are required). To "unmask" the names of Victims and or Witnesses, un-check the Mask Student# and Name in Victims and Witnesses List checkbox.