The Discipline Incident ID (ADS.IID) is a unique identifier for a specific discipline event that happened on a specific date and time. It may involve more than one infraction, and also may involve more than one student.  It's important to manage Discipline Incident IDs to avoid over-reporting infractions or incidents in statewide reporting. 

If more than one student is involved in a Discipline Incident, after the first student's infraction is entered completely, just click on the Copy button and select the other student(s) that were involved.  The pertinent information will be copied over, however the infractions themselves, along with any other student-specific information should be updated as appropriate. 

On the Discipline Incidents page, you can view all incidents within a certain date range, or find all incidents with the same Discipline Incident ID. It will also display any victims, witnesses, or Behavioral Emergency Actions that are attached to that Discipline Incident ID. In this example, you can see that 4 students are involved in incident 16382, there is one victim and one witness to the incident. There is also one Behavioral Emergency Action attached to the incident. The option to mask the name in Victims, Witnesses, and Behavior Emergency Actions is selected. Therefore, the names of the students listed in these sections are masked.  More information on this subject is covered in the Copying Incident IDs documentation.

Note:  Because the students are all listed on the same Incident ID, the incident itself will only be counted once for the district. If they each had a different Incident ID, it would count as 4 separate incidents. That could result in over-reporting actual discipline data for a school/district.

Mass Add Discipline Incident IDs

On the Administrative Functions page the Mass Add Discipline Incident IDs function will find any existing Discipline Incidents for the district that do NOT currently have an Incident ID and add it.