With the 'what-if' grade calculator feature, parents and students can virtually adjust scores on pre-existing or future assignments and can even create new assignments teachers have not yet added to the gradebook. This makes it easier than ever to ask "what if?" and experiment with scenarios and outcomes, mapping out what your final grade might be in advance.

Enabling 'what-if' mode

The 'What If" feature is enabled by default and is available to all student and parent logins.

To disable this option, a new setting in Portal Options is available allowing each school to hide the "What If" feature. When this option is checked, the "What If" feature will not be available on the Mobile Portal App. The POP table will store a 'true' value under the name 'HideAppWhatIf' when the option is disabled (checked).  When the option is unchecked (POP displays as 'false'), the 'What If" option is enabled and can be used by parents and students.  

To use the feature, first navigate into the Class Summary section, and tap on a class. Notice the pencil icon that shows in the top right-hand corner - tap it to enable 'what if' mode. As a result, a blue banner should show towards the top of the screen, letting you know that 'what-if' mode is enabled.

Tap the "?" icon in the blue banner for more information about 'what-if' mode.

Virtually editing assignment scores

In a Class summary class, select an assignment category to view assignments (or tap "Overall" at the bottom to view all). With 'what-if' mode enabled, tapping an assignment brings up the 'what-if' menu.

Tap "Edit" to begin virtually editing the score of the assignment. If the assignment has a max value, the editor will appear as a slider. If not, it will appear as an input field you can edit manually by inputting a numeric score.

As you change the value, either by the slider or numeric input field, it will automatically update the grade fixed to the top of the screen.

Edited assignments show a blue pencil icon to denote that they have been virtually edited.

Assignments that cannot be virtually edited are shown with a red line through the pencil icon.

Virtually dropping an assignment

When you tap an assignment while in 'what-if' mode, you'll also see an option to 'drop' the assignment. This enables you to virtually remove a particular assignment, making it as though it was never entered into the gradebook. This is useful for experimenting hypothetical scenarios where a particular assignment never happened, and how that would affect your grade in a particular class.

Dropped assignments have a red trash can icon to denote the fact that they have been virtually dropped. They can be recovered by tapping on the assignment and tapping "Recover".

Adding a new virtual assignment

At the top of the list of assignments, a dashed box labeled "Add 'what-if' assignment" can be tapped to add a new virtual assignment.

NOTE: Dropping a virtual 'what-if' assignment that you created is permanent and you cannot recover it, unlike a like a real assignment that has been virtually dropped.