The App Feedback page allows staff with Read permission to the App Feedback (FBK) security area to view feedback that is submitted by Aeries Mobile Portal App users. 

The Aeries Mobile Portal App includes Report a problem links on both the login screen and within the App towards the bottom of the Settings page. If Parents or Students have difficulty using the app or questions they can fill out the information on the Report Problems page and submit the feedback. The feedback will be saved in the Feedback (FBK) table. 


There is an option that allows the school to set up a School Contact that will display on the app for the user who is submitting feedback. This will help the user to alert them of a person to contact either by email or phone in the event that they need assistance. This information is stored in School Options and requires certain fields populated.

Navigate to School Info > Configurations > Update Code Table and select the LCN.CD table and field. Add a record with a description for the contact person or department that will be the primary contact for assisting with Technical help. In this example, the description is labeled App Help, however, any custom name can be added. This record requires an Amount populated with a 1.00. Only one App contact with an amount populated can be added per school.

Next, go to School Options settings in the desired School. The new record will display under School Contacts (LCN table). Select edit on the page and provide a Staff name, an email, telephone number and extension, if applicable. The user will see this information after selecting Report a Problem. If the telephone number is not populated in this App Help record under (LCN.TL), the system will use the telephone number from the School Options page under LOC.TL. The extension will only be used if a telephone number from LCN.TL is populated. In the event that the extension is populated and not the telephone number from School Contacts (LCN.TL), then the extension will not be used.

The School's CDS code will also be extracted and used in the feedback area of the Mobile app. When the District Options settings has a Unique District Identifier (DPT.NM) populated, this will be used first prior to pulling from the School Options page where the County, District and School codes will be used to form the CDS number. This Unique District Identifier can be found by logging into the District school, then navigate to School Info > School Options. The page name will display as District Options and the field is located under Security for External Connections.

Security for the Mobile App Feedback  

Admin logins will automatically have access to the App Feedback page without any additional security setup. Users will need Read permission to the App Feedback (FBK) security area in order to see the App Feedback node in the navigation as well as allow read only access to the information on the page. Users with Update permissions will allow them to make changes to the App Feedback page. Please see the Security article for more detailed information on how to set up permissions for users and groups.


Feedback (FBK)Read
View page
Update records
(Only staff viewing or managing the feedback table need permissions to FBK)
District Options (LOC)Read
View page
Update records
School Options (OPT)View
View Page
Update information on the page
Code Table (COD)Read
Add a record to LCN table
School Contacts (LCN)Read
View Page
Update information for records in School Contacts

App Feedback Page  

The App Feedback page is found within School Info > Others in the navigation and displays a list of feedback submitted from Aeries Mobile (Parent and Student) App, Teacher App or the upcoming Aeries Student App currently in beta. Users with update permissions to this page can mark feedback as resolved or add comments in the Notes area. Changes are saved automatically on this screen. The App drop-down will allow the user to select from either All Apps, Aeries Mobile Portal, Aeries Teacher or Aeries Student.  Depending on the selection, the list will display feedback reported only from the Aeries Mobile Portal App used by parents and students, feedback reported by Teachers from the Teacher App or a combination of all feedback submitted from all Apps (excluding the EM2 app).

Selecting a record will open an App Feedback Details page. Additional information will display such as the Device name, App and Version information, and a "Receive Communication" indicator. If this field is "True", the student/parent has requested a communication follow-up for this issue. The Save button at the bottom will save changes to this screen. Closing the window using the 'x' will also automatically save any changes made.

Filters can be used at the top of each column to limit or filter the data on the page.

Additionally, clicking on the column headers will sort the information in either ascending or descending order. There is a "Hide Resolved" button that will hide all feedback entries marked as resolved.