A Grade Alert Threshold can be enabled on a school by school basis for parents to assist in monitoring when their student’s grades go above or below a configurable threshold. If enabled, the parent portal will display an Alert Options area on the parent Home page. Parents can then set up a threshold to receive alerts when the grade changes for the student. The Grade Alert currently only applies to secondary schools and looks at the Gradebook Current Mark.

The Alert thresholds can be enabled under School Info | Configurations | Alert Thresholds on the navigation tree. The following page will display.


Enter a number of minutes in the Grace Period box. The number of minutes will determine how long it will take for the alert to be sent after a threshold has been reached. Using the checkboxes, select which schools to enable the Alert thresholds for.

Note: Alert thresholds can only be used with Secondary schools. The School selection list will only display Secondary School names. At this time schools with Scheduling Type "Flexible" will not appear in the school list. We will be correcting this in a future update.

After a school has been enabled for Alert thresholds, the parent portal will display an Alert Options area on the parent Home page for both parent and student accounts. The Alert Options area will display the names of the students enrolled in a school where the alerts are enabled.

Clicking on the Add button will bring up 3 choices for the parent. Currently, the first drop-down only has a selection for Mark. The second drop-down allows the parent to select the criteria of Falls Below or Rises Above. The third drop-down displays the Mark to select for the threshold. Click the Disc icon to save the threshold.

In the example below a threshold was set up to alert the parent if the student’s mark falls below a B. Clicking the Edit button will allow the Parent to change the Alert.

When a threshold is met, an email will be generated to alert the parent. If the District has Aeries Communications enabled, the alert notification will only be sent through Aeries Communications. If Aeries Communications is not enabled the alert will be sent to the Portal account email.

For Districts Using Aeries Communications

When Grade Alerts are enabled and a Students Gradebook Current Mark meets the Threshold for an Alert, Aeries will send a message to Signal Kit or ParentSquare with the information about the Student. The message will then be sent to the Parent through Text, Email and/or Phone depending on the Preferences set.

Signal Kit Districts

This is the message that is sent to Parents:

"Your Mark Threshold has been reached for Allan Abbott. Allan Abbott is currently receiving a mark of D in Period 3"


Aeries sends the Student ID, Student Name and Grade information to ParentSquare, which will then generate a message based on the Templates set up in Auto Notices. These are editable by the District.

After logging into ParentSquare as an Admin go to Add-ons

Then Auto Notices > Grade Notification

Click on Grade Notification and choose Template Messages

Use the Edit button to edit the Templates