For Districts Using Aeries Communications

To share a District Template for use at Schools

Editing and Creating Templates in ParentSquare


Student/Parent Alerts allow Parents to monitor when their Student’s Grades or Assignment Scores rise or fall below a set level. Additionally, Parents can choose to be notified when a Student Assignment is missing. The Grade Alerts apply to Secondary schools and look at the Gradebook Current Mark and Gradebook Assignment Scores. The Alerts are sent by email and, for Aeries Communications customers, by Text or Voice also.

Sample Grade Alert

Sample Assignment missing alert

Sample Assignment Score alert


Admin Users only.


Navigate to School Info > Configurations > Student/Parent Alerts at the District Level.

Student Parent Alerts configuration page at the District Level 

Enter a number of minutes in the Grace Period box. The number of minutes determines how long it takes for the Alert to be sent after a threshold has been reached. Using the checkboxes, select which schools to enable the Alert thresholds for.

Note: Alert thresholds can only be used with Secondary schools. 

After a School has been enabled for Parent/Student Alerts, the School can designate which grade levels receive Parent/Student Alerts by setting the grade levels on the School's Student/Parent Alerts page . 

Grade level selection to receive alerts

After a School has designated which grade levels receive alerts, the Parent Portal displays a Gradebook Alerts notification widget on the Parent Home page for both Parent and Student accounts. The Gradebook Alerts widget displays the number of Alerts that have been enabled for the current Student. 

Gradebook Alerts widget in portal showing currently active alerts

A link to the Gradebook Alerts page is available at the bottom of the widget.

Gradebook Alerts page link in the Gradebook Alerts widget

The Gradebook Alerts page can also be accessed in the Parent Portal from the User Settings dropdown menu. 


Accessing Configure Alerts page from drop down menu

Gradebook Alerts for Course Grades and Assignments can be set up for the current Student on the Gradebook Alerts page. The bottom of the Gradebook Alerts page displays the names of the Students associated with the Parent account and who are enrolled in a School or grade level where alerts are enabled. 

Clicking the Add New Alert button allows the Parent to add a new Gradebook Alert.

Adding a new Gradebook alert

Course Grade Alerts can be set up to receive a notification when the Course Grade Falls Below or Rises Above a defined mark. Click on Add New Alert next in the Course Grade Alert area. One alert can be set up for the Rise Above or Fall Below option.

Choosing an Alert for a grade that falls below a D

There are two types of Gradebook Assignment score alerts available for Parents to add: Are Above and Are Below. In the example below the Gradebook assignment score Alert is set for assignment scores that Are Below 75%. 

 Choosing an alert for Assignment Scores above or below 75%

An Assignment Is Missing Alert can be enabled by clicking on the On/Off button. Setting Assignment is Missing to On sends an Alert notification when an assignment is marked as Missing for the Student. 

Turning on Alerts for missing assignments

Once all Gradebook Assignment Alerts have been created, the Add New Alert button is no longer visible on the blue banner for that Alert type. Clicking the Edit button allows the Parent to change or delete an Alert. In the example below the Score Below threshold was edited to alert the Parent if the Student’s assignment mark scored below 75%. 

Gradebook Alerts that have been configured

When a threshold is met, an email is generated to alert the Parent. If the District has Aeries Communications enabled, the alert notification is sent through Aeries Communications. If Aeries Communications is not enabled the alert is sent to the Portal account email.

For Districts Using Aeries Communications

When Student/Parent Alerts are enabled and a Students Gradebook Current Mark or Assignment Score meets the Threshold for an Alert, Aeries sends a message to ParentSquare with the information about the Student. The message is then sent to the Parent through Text, Email and/or Phone depending on the Preferences set.

Aeries sends the Student ID, Student Name and Grade information to ParentSquare, which generates a message based on the Templates set up in Auto Notices. These are editable by the District. Templates can be set up at the District and shared with Schools, or each School can have a customized Template.

To share a District Template for use at Schools

Log into ParentSquare as an Admin, go to Add-ons. You should be at the District level.

the Add Ons tab at the District level

From the Add-ons page, select Auto-Notices. This displays all of your Templates that have been configured.

List of Auto Notice templates

To share a District Template with Schools, click on the Pencil icon

In the Popup window, select the Schools to share the Template with and click Submit.

School share popup window

Editing and Creating Templates in ParentSquare

If you are editing an existing Template, select Edit Messages from the menu on the right side of the page.

Template actions menu

Alternatively, select it from the list, then click on Template Messages, then the Edit button to make changes.

Edit button for a template

Define a message for Email, Text and Voice. You may remove fields or add them using the Insert Merge Field dropdown. 

Translations may also be added in Spanish. Additional languages can be added by contacting ParentSquare support.

Template edit mode

To create a new Template, use the New Notice Template button.  

New Notice Template button

Add a Template Title and select the Notice Type.

New Template notice types

The section View Options can be left as is.

View Options section

Define your messages and Save Template.

Template edit mode