The Aeries Gradebook is compatible with iPads, Chromebooks, Android Tablets, Windows 8 RT Browsers and Smart Phones.

The Aeries Gradebook allows teachers to setup all class assignments for their classes. The teacher can then enter scores received by the student for these assignments.

Dashboard View

3 Dashboard styles are available for the teacher, Tile, List or Table view. Below is the Tile view.

Scores by Class

Teachers can enter assignment scores on multiple pages. Here is an example of the Scores by Class page.

The Scores by Class page allows the teacher to sort the students and assignments with multiple options.

An Assignment Comment and Status can be added by clicking on the triangle.

Scores by Assignment

The Scores by Assignement page allows teachers to Mass Assign Scores or Comments, show assignment statistics or use a Quick Data Entry form.

Scores by Student

 The Scores by Student page lists all the selected student’s assignments and displays the overall point breakdown.