The Aeries Web Version Teacher portal was designed to avoid “Submit” buttons. All information is saved on the fly and does not require a “Save” button to be pressed.

There are three attendance pages available to Teachers, Attendance, Attendance by Photo and Attendance by Photo - Old. Below is an example of the Attendance page. The page will display the Section(s) taught for a Period when the Period is selected from the Dropdown. In a Flex Scheduling school, if a Teacher does not have Attendance Permission for a Section, it will not display.

Visual cues have been added to the Teacher Attendance page to avoid teachers leaving the page as data is saved.  

A spinning icon next to the absences and a green message at the top right of the page will display as teachers are entering attendance.

Teachers can be given permission to add Attendance Notes and Quick Attendance Notes. With the Attendance Notes teachers are able to add a comment about the attendance.


The Attendance by Photo page allows teachers to take attendance by a seating chart.  For more information on creating Seating Charts, please refer to the following article:  Attendance By Photo and Seating Chart