Teachers use the same login page as admin staff for Aeries Web Version. Teacher access is controlled by the Aeries Web Version Security System and teacher accounts are linked to Staff IDs. After logging in, teachers are presented with the left-side Aeries Web Version navigation tree. Their options are slightly different than admin staff with Attendance, Gradebook, and Grades being right at the top. Notice also that Aeries Analytics is available to teachers to create, scan, and score exams and to use the Analytics Dashboard.

Student information can be accessed under the “Student Data” section and searching for a student is the same as admin staff using Aeries Web Version – use the “Search” icon at the top of the Navigation Tree.

Access to students is limited to students the teacher has or has had in their classes. Ad-Hoc Student Groups can also link a student to a teacher.

Because the system is based on Staff ID, the system looks in the TCH.ID, TCH.ID2, & TCH.ID3 fields to determine which teacher records to let the current login have access to. It also uses MST.TN, MST.TN2, & MST.TN3 to determine which sections to display.

Teacher Home Page

The Teacher Home Page can display the following items:

  • Class Summary

  • Quick Student Search

  • Teacher Resource Center

  • Calendar

  • Attendance Summary

  • Intervention Caseload

  • Briefcase

  • My Tasks

  • Online Resources

Below is an example of the Teacher Home page for an elementary school.

On the Class Summary section, teachers can add their website by clicking on Add Website button.

On the Add/Edit window, teachers can enter the URL for the Website and the Access code (if applicable) and click OK.  This links the website to the class. 

After adding the Website, the teacher can edit or click on the Visit Website button.

When parents log in, they will see the Visit Website button on the Class Summary.

The items to display on the Teacher Home page can be controlled by using the Customize Home option in the top right corner. 

Items can be deselected and will not display to teachers.