The Aeries Web Version Parent/Student Portal introduces multi-lingual support: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese Arabic and Armenian. When a language is selected, the text in the navigation structure is translated to the selected language. Some languages and screens also translate field headings and in the case of Arabic, the system adjusts to Right-To-Left format.

After the parent logs in the Home page will display. Any Alerts the Parent has received will appear in the Notification area in the bottom right corner. If Summer Re-Registration or Data Confirmation has not been completed the parent will see a yellow message indicating that they have not yet completed the Data Confirmation process.

Summer Re-Registration or Data Confirmation allows parents to edit student related information at any point in the year and have that information immediately posted to the Aeries database. Documents are also accessible through the system and digital signatures are collected for Authorization, Prohibitions, and Document Confirmations. 

Parent Portal Redesign

In 2019 we set out to completely redesign the Parent Portal to bring it up to modern Web Design standards and make it Mobile-friendly for our Users.  The new Parent Portal brings a new interface, navigation, and accessibility features.  If you would like to have your Parents and Students preview the new Portal and provide Feedback on it, you can enable the option on the District Settings page, under Other Settings.

After the option is enabled, when Parents log into the Portal, they will see a pop-up asking them if they would like to preview the new Parent Portal.

If they choose to Try It, they will be taken to the new Parent Portal.  They can always return to the Classic View by clicking on their name and choosing 'Turn Off Preview Mode'.

The Parent Portal has a completely new look, is easy to navigate and provides all the same information as the current Portal, but flexible and adaptable for mobile devices.  

The view will depend on the device being used and whether they are in Portrait or Landscape mode.  Each section can be collapsed by clicking on the '^'.  The sections can be reordered by dragging the Header.

The Current Student will always be shown at the top

Parents can switch between Students or Link new Students by clicking on the Student shown at the top

The Student Information Header defaults to collapsed to save space, but can be expanded for viewing.

The Navigation menu will show or collapse depending on the device size and mode.  Sub-menus are used for each category.


The Pages are now easier to read with more contrast in the Headers

Data Confirmation is now easier for Mobile Users

The Gradebook Summary page is easy to use with Links to the individual Classes

Many other improvements have been made across the Portal and we will continue to make improvements.