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The District Settings page (formerly called District Rules) is used to specify rules and settings, and control certain functions performed at the School or District level.


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To enable or disable a District Setting click on the Change button. After making any changes click on the Save button to save the changes.

Note: Changes made on this page may not take effect for up to 5 minutes due to caching.

Most of the District Settings are stored in either the LOC or DPT tables. Each Setting is outlined below, along with the table and field name when relevant.

Student Settings

  • Students must be inactive at last school before enrollment at another school. This rule is used to prevent duplicate enrollment in the district. This option is stored in LOC.R1.
  • Use STU.TG to determine if a student is inactive at last school when transferring records. If this rule is turned on, the student does not need a leave record in Attendance before the student can be added at another school, and the status field (STU.TG) will be used instead to determine if the student is inactive. This option is stored in LOC.R5.
  • Transferring (Copy Student) from the District Student Lookup (Multi-Year District Search) requires User to have Student Administer permission. Selecting this rule requires a user to have Student Administer privileges to copy/transfer a student’s records from a different year/database. When this option is enabled, the Copy One icon will be visible on the District Student Lookup page provided the student can be transferred. The Copy One icon will not be visible if the user does not have the STU Administer permissions. The rule setting option is stored in LOC.R9. This rule has no effect on transferring from the Student Demographics page during the "Add" process.

  • Assign new student ID numbers from district database only, not from school. Student ID numbers can be assigned from the school or district level. With this setting in place, the starting ID number will come from the number specified under school options at the district level, rather than the school. This option is stored in LOC.R2.
  • Automatically populate student photograph (STU.BM) with permanent ID (STU.ID). This setting is not relevant when using the PIC table to store student photos. This option is stored in LOC.R22.
  • Default Gender Code. This setting specifies the default gender to use when adding new students. Value can be blank to force the user to select a specific gender when adding new students. This option is stored in LOC.R13, and the specified gender value is stored in LOC.GC.

Student Address Settings

  • Next School (STU.NS) is the next grade-level, not next matriculation-level. Aeries Software highly recommends that this option be turned on, so that the next school field is used to hold the school the student should go to next year. If it is turned off, the next school field will only be taken into consideration when the student completes the highest grade level at the school. This rule is considered when addresses are updated, as well as during the rollover. Turning this rule off will cause the next school field to be set to 0 when address changes occur if there is no school for the student to matriculate to (i.e. high school). This option is stored in LOC.R11.
  • Do Not update Next School (STU.NS) field on address or grade change. This option is stored in LOC.R12.
  • Update of Student Next School Field (STU.NS) requires User to have Student Delete permission. This option is stored in LOC.R14.
  • Update of School of Residence Field (STU.RS) requires User to have Student Delete permission. This option is stored in LOC.R15.

Other Student Settings

  • Link Primary Contacts (STU.FW / STU.MW) from Emergency Contacts form. This option is stored in LOC.R18.
  • Display Verification Pass Code (STU.VPC) on Students form - Student Data 2 (STU) tab. This option is stored in LOC.R19.
  • Allow Users With Read Permission to STU to View Verification Pass Code (STU.VPC). This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Update inactive student records when changes are made to active copies of that student. If this rule is selected, changes made to active student records will also change inactive records throughout the database including records in an Inactive school. This option is stored in LOC.R23.
  • Update student records when changes are made to pre-enrolled copies of that student. If this rule is selected, changes made to the pre-enrolled records will update the active records. The fields must not be locked on the Define Fields to Sync/Lock form in Aeries Client, in the Lock Field in Pre-Enrolled records column. This option is stored in LOC.R25.
  • Request Assigned and Served Days in Assertive Discipline - Administrative Decisions (Dispositions) - If this rule is selected, the Assertive Discipline Dispositions area will provide both Assigned and Served fields to populate for the Disposition information.
  • Enable the new Parent Portal. This option allows a District to choose how the new design of the Parent Portal will be made available to parents and students. The display choices include "Opt-In" and "Always". Selecting "Always" will only display the new design to parents and students. Selecting "Opt-In" will allow the parent to choose which display they see via the new portal preview pop up (if enabled) or by selecting the Preview New Portal option found in the menu under their email address.  
  • Disable the Preview of the new Parent Portal.  This will disable the pop-up message to Parents/Students when they log in to the Portal asking if they would like to preview the new Portal. It will also disable the 'Preview the New Portal' option in the Parent Portal account drop down.
  • Do Not Advertise The Mobile Portal App on the Parent Portal. - If this rule is selected, it will hide the area on the portal login page that contains links to the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

District Settings

  • Do NOT Optimize Graduation Status. When this option is selected, the system will not take advantage of the optimization logic that was added to the Aeries Web Version. The Graduation Status Reports will match the reports that Aeries Client Version creates. For more information on the Graduation Status calculation please refer to the following article. This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Process Courses for Graduation Status Calculation Chronologically. When this option is selected, the option for Do NOT Optimize Graduation Status will also be enabled. This option should only be enabled if it is a district policy that courses be processed chronologically without optimization. If enabled, this process will identify less students on track to graduate.
  • Use New Career Pathways (CPW) tables instead of old "CTE Pathways (Perkins)" (CTE) table. When this option is selected, a Convert CTE to CPW button will be available. Refer to the Career Pathways documentation for complete details. This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Automatically generate staff IDs. When this option is selected, Staff IDs will be auto-generated based on the highest existing staff ID, rather than requiring the user to specify an ID number.  Note: Delete-tagged records are considered when calculating the next highest ID number. This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Allow Transition Grade Reporting Mark Points. When this option is selected a Set Grade-Level Point Defaults button will be available. Users will need Read permission to District Rules and Update permission to the Update Valid Marks security area to use the Set Grade-Level Point Defaults button. Refer to the Grade Reporting Update Valid Marks documentation for complete details. This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Use Advanced Discipline (DIS) Page. This option turns on some additional fields and new features on the Discipline (DIS) page. For additional information, refer to the following article on Advanced Discipline features. This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Show the Demerits field on the Assertive Discipline Page. When this option is selected the Demerits field is available on the Assertive Discipline page and a Total Demerits section is visible on the student's Assertive Discipline page. The Total Demerits section has a cumulative and yearly total of the demerits a student has received.
  • Number of Offenses allowed (1-5) by Assertive Discipline record. When this option is selected a district can set the number of offenses that can be entered on each discipline record on the student's Assertive Discipline page. The default amount of offenses is set to 5. If a district has students with 5 offenses and the number is changed to a number lower than 5, the record will only display the allowed numbers of offenses.
  • Use Financials (Instead of Fees and Fines). Enabling this option will remove all "Fee" pages and reports from the navigation menu. This could be used by districts who wish to use Aeries Financials exclusively. This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Disable School Based Attendance Letters.  When this option is selected, the school based Attendance Letters will be disabled in View All Forms (Letter Text Editor) and View All Reports (Attendance Letters to Parents).  This option can be selected for districts that only want the District Attendance Letters available.
  • Enable ADA Weighting based on Attendance Program. - If this option is selected, ADA Weight values will be able to be defined for Attendance Programs via the Define Attendance Programs page. The ADA Weighting based on Attendance Program is only used on the Monthly Attendance Summary. Refer to the Enable ADA Weighting document for complete details.     
  • Default State Reporting Field Highlighting to ON. - If this option is selected, all users will have the this option set to ON. Users still can go to their individual settings options and deselect the box to turn the highlighting OFF. This option is stored in the DPT table.
  • Do not display the STU.SN field in the system - When this option is selected the Student Number (STU.SN) will be hidden from displaying on the Student Demographics page and also in the Student information bar at the top of various pages. 
  • Warn when students do not have an SSN or State Alternate ID. - If selected, any user with Update permissions to Encrypted Student Data (ESD) will see a warning displayed on Demographics when a student does not have an SSN or other state-issued ID populated on the Student Data 2 tab. See Encrypted Student Data for more information. 
  • Inactives School - Holds the school number of the school designed to hold prior year inactive students.
  • Codes Identifying Parent/Guardian in Contacts (CON.CD) - Code(s) designated in this area will be used to identify Contact records to be analyzed for inclusion in determining which two Guardian records to extract for CALPADS State Reporting. See Managing Contacts - Identify Guardians for CALPADS SINF Extract.
    • When Parent/Guardian codes are selected, two options are available that apply to the Parent Portal
      • Parent Portal Only - Require First Name, Last Name, and Ed Level for Parents/Guardians
      • Parent Portal Only - Require at least one Contact Record to be Parent/Guardian

    • When Parent/Guardian codes are selected, another option is available that applies to the Parent Portal
      • Parent Portal Only - Require at least one Contact Record to be Parent/Guardian
  • Allowed File List - Comma-separated list of File types that can be uploaded in Aeries. The default list is shown. These extensions can be removed or others added. There is a hard-coded blacklist that prevents the addition of banned file-types. This list applies to all areas where Portal Users and Staff can upload documents. Online Enrollment is a separate list configured in the Admin Settings.
  • Disable Seating Chart (Old) - If selected this option will disable the Attendance by Photo (old) from showing in the navigation menu. It will also hide the option Seating Chart (Old) on the Print Classroom Photo/Seating Chart report. 

State Assigned Alternate ID Settings

See the Texas - State Alternate ID Number Management documentation for more information.

Aeries Analytics Settings

  • Student Program Codes (STU.SP) to be excluded from the Analytics process. When selected, specific Student Attendance Program (STU.SP) codes will be excluded from Aeries Analytics processing.  This option is stored in the DPT table. 


Unplanned Early School Closure Settings

  • Last Day of Regular School Attendance: To be used when there is an unplanned event that necessitates closing school early for regular attendance. This date will be used in the calculation of Attendance History Details (AHD) and Attendance History Summary (AHS) for all the schools.  By entering a date in this field, calculations will be performed up to that date. Therefore, the CALPADS STAS extract for this school year will also only contain attendance summary data up to the specified date.  This option is stored in the DPT table. 
  • A different date can be entered in the School Information page for any school which has a different Unplanned Early School Closure Date. This option is stored in the OPT table.
  • This process should be  used when the emergency causes the school(s) to NOT REOPEN before the planned last day of school.  If the school closure is temporary, please refer to this document: Emergency School Closure Attendance Procedures (Mid-Year)

Independent Study  

An Allow Digital Signatures option is available that is used in conjunction with the Independent Study Agreements page. This setting when enabled allows the parent or student to view the button for submitting the Digital Signature from within the Signatories tab in the Independent Study Agreements page in Aeries Portal. Parents and Students must be given proper permissions in the Parent or Student Portal Group in order to submit Digital Signatures. For complete information on Independent Study Agreements, see Independent Study Agreements.

The text confirmation needs to be set up and can be customized for each language. Define the default text

  • Allow Digital Signatures: With this option enabled, parent and students will have the ability to Digitally Sign the Independent Study Master Agreement from within their parent or student portal account. (This option does not currently apply to teacher accounts or other portal group types but will be made available in the future).
  • Independent Study Parent Digital Signature Text Confirmation: The Text confirmation area has HTML options. Define the confirmation message that will display for the Parent/Student on the Signatories page when submitting Digital Signatures. Additional Languages can be defined by selecting the Add Additional Languages button. Only add languages that the Master Agreement has been translated into.