Define Student Grade Levels provides users full compatibility for both Transitional Kindergarten and Preschool grade levels. The student grade level stores a numeric value, but all data entry and views will display the translated value. For example,Transitional Kindergarten is stored as -1 in the student field (STU.GR), but is displayed as TK on all pages and reports in Aeries. 

Filter Pages by "define student" or navigate to School Info > Configurations > Define Student Grade Levels. 

Security Permissions

In Aeries Web, users will need an Admin account to Define Student Grade Levels.

Define Student Grade Levels Setup

The Define Student Grade Levels form allows the definition of descriptions for each grade level.

For example, the high school levels above are defined as Freshman through Senior, rather than 9th Grade through 12th Grade. The Translated Grade Value or Grade to Display, which displays in place of the grade's Actual Value, can be modified for Preschool and for grades above 13. These values are set and controlled by the district.

Each school has the ability to define whether the grades above 13 can be used. In the above image, this Elementary School has selected not to use Ungraded Secondary (14) or Adult Education (17).

The values you define in the Define Student Grade Levels form for Grade to Display, Description of Grade Level, and Actual Value in Database are stored in the Code (COD) table for STU.GR. The Code Table will contain the values for all valid grade levels in your district. The values for Allow Grades 14-18 are stored in the Options (OPT) Table.

The Student Demographics form has a dropdown menu for Student Grade (STU.GR), as well as for Next Grade, School Mobility, and District Mobility. Grade levels shown in the dropdown match those set up on the Define Student Grade Levels form. In the image below, the Student Grade dropdown is shown:

Reports and Forms

Forms and Reports will reflect the translated Grade Levels from the Define Student Grade Levels form. In the following example, the student's grade level was defined as Ungraded Secondary on the Define Student Grade Levels form, so US is displayed for her grade level on the Student Data 1 form and on her report card.