At the beginning of the school year it is important that School Options, School Calendar and the Absence Code Table are set up correctly. These options are usually setup by the District office. Verify that these options are correct prior to performing the Daily Attendance and/or Period Attendance functions. If these options are set up incorrectly contact the District Office for assistance.

Navigate to the School Info/School Options page. 

Select the areas that meet your school site’s needs. In the Attendance Type field, select Daily to setup attendance on a daily basis. Select Negative Attendance in the Attendance Reporting field to compute the correct attendance figures for monthly reporting.  Typically, for most schools, this information does not change.  But before school starts, each year, this information should be verified.

Daily Attendance: 

Example is displayed below:

Period Attendance: 

Example is displayed below:

All Day Attendance Management - In Period Attendance schools the All Day Attendance Management option indicates how the All-Day Attendance code will be managed: either Manually, or by using an Attendance Time. When Attendance Time is selected there is an option to identify the ADA Time for a school.  This option can be used to allow period attendance schools to have a "Home Room" that always meets at a specific time of the day to represent the attendance for the entire day. This is not a recommend attendance accounting method for most California schools, but is an option for some specialized schools and Texas schools. 

When Attendance Time is selected there is an option in Portal Options to enter the the Start and End Times for when attendance can be taken in the period that meets during a school's ADA time. Please refer to the Portal Options – Attendance documentation for additional information regarding setting the ADA Time restrictions for a school.

Information about School Contacts can be found here

Grade Reporting Types 

The School Options page at District level has Grade Reporting Type options that need to be enabled to determine what grading will be available to use in the Schools. 

Additional Information on the use of the Grade Reporting types can be found here