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This area allows Schools to designate general School Contacts that could be available in various pages and reports, such as 'Contact the Registrar at 123-456-7890' or 'Contact the Principal at 123-456-7891'. 

The School Contacts information is stored in LCN. There are 5 Fixed Contacts that are included, Principal, Registrar, Attendance, Health and Counseling.  More contact types can be added in the COD table. 

School contacts on the school options page


School Contacts (LCN)ReadView School Contacts. Requires Read to LOC.
School Settings (LOC)Read
View School Options page
Enter and Update contact information
Update Code Table (COD)Read
View custom Contact codes
Add new Contact codes
Edit custom Contact codes
Delete custom Contact codes


Additional contact types can be added to the COD table under LCN.CD. The Code is an Alphanumeric, 7-character field. The Description is for the Type of Contact - Librarian, ELL Coordinator, etc. The actual Contact information will be entered on the School Options page. 

Update Code table to add contacts

NOTE: If you add a Contact type using one of the existing Fixed Codes, 1-5, it overwrites the Contact Description on the School Options page.  This allows you to modify the Title of these Contacts. For example, if you enter a Contact type in COD with a Code of '1' and a description of 'Director', then 'Director' would appear on the School Options page instead of 'Principal'.  You would need to delete that Contact type from the COD table to restore the original Fixed contact.

Once the Contact types have been added to the COD table, the Contact information can be entered or edited on the School Options page.

Click on the Edit button

Edit button for School options

And add the Contact information.

School contacts edit mode

And Save.

School contacts with information