The LOG is a table in the Aeries database that tracks changes to data, as well as certain system processes. Aeries administrators can query this table at any time with SQL or Aeries Query to investigate issues, verify information and see who made changes to data.

NOTE: LOG tables can be very large.  Running indiscriminate queries against it can cause a slowdown in performance.  Use of WHERE statements to limit the results is recommended.


SQL Server Management Studio can be used to query the LOG table.  Here is an example of a query for changes made to a Mobile number (CP) in the CON table after a certain date, looking in the ND field for the new data.

By comparing the OD and ND fields, we see the last digit of the CP number was changed from '4' to '6'  by USR 'admin'  on 4/15/2019 at 6:57am.

The data in the OD and ND fields are stored as JSON for easier data extraction. (SQL Server 2016 and above includes a built-in JSON parser).


NOTE: JSON data format only applies to databases created after the 5/6/2019 update where the OD and ND fields are created as NVARCHAR(MAX).  DBAs may decide to manually update these fields in their current database to benefit from this feature.

The LOG table can also be queried in Aeries Query. Here is the same search in Aeries: