The Traditional Calendar is set up from the Calendar page. Navigate to the School Info/Calendar page. 

Build the Calendar

The following form will display.  The starting date will be the first Monday of the attendance month to be created.  Type the date for the first Monday of the first month in the text box.  Click the OK button.  The additional calendar days will automatically be populated with the appropriate dates.

A calendar will be created for the first month and the Calendar form will display.  Verify the dates are correct.

Add Attendance Months

Once the first attendance month has been created, the remaining calendar months must be added.  To add a month to the calendar, click the Add  button on the bottom of the calendar form.  Add the months necessary to complete the days required for the school year.  Click the Save button.

Eliminate a Week From Calendar

If a week needs to be eliminated from the calendar, it MUST be done while creating the month.  Click the date field to be changed and type the new date.  In the example below, the week of 10/16/2017 was eliminated.  After the change is made, Click the SAVE button.

Flag Holidays and Non-Student Days

Type or use the dropdown to enter the symbols in the Holiday field for the days that school is not in session.  Remember to click the Save button for each month.

After the calendar is completed, it is recommend that it be reviewed and verified for accuracy.  To print a copy of the calendar, click the Print Calendar button on the bottom of the form.

The following is an example of the Calendar Report.

Note:  Once the Calendar is created, it can be pushed to all schools by using the Push and Pull Setup Tables page.