The Push and Pull Setup Tables page can be used to mass push and pull data in tables from the district or a school to a select school or all schools.  For example, the Calendar (DAY table) can be created in one school and pushed to all schools by using this page.

The Push and Pull Setup Tables page is found within School Info | Configurations in the navigation menu and is only available to Admin user types.

The page has 3 sections:   Source Table, Source School (Pull From) and Destination Schools (Push To).

The Source Table section will display tables available to push.

If the DAY - Calendar table is selected the following warning message will display.

  Click on the table you want to push and the next section, Source School (Pull From) will open.

The Source School (Pull From) section will display a list of schools and columns for the school Grade Range and Existing Records  for the selected table.   The selected table name will display in the upper right of the page.  

The example below shows that Golden Eagle Elementary school has 200 existing records in the DAY table and the other schools have 0 records. 


Only one Source School can be selected.

To push the records from Golden Eagle Elementary to other schools and the district, click on the school name and the next section Destination Schools (Push To) will open.

Click on the school or schools that you want to push the DAY table records to. The Select All option can be used to select all schools also.  Click on the Push Table to Schools button on the bottom of the page after selecting schools.

A confirmation message will display.

Click OK to continue or Cancel to cancel out of the process.

 A message will display on the top left of the page when the process is complete.

If there are no records in the selected Source Table, the following message will display when clicking on the Push Table to Schools button.

If OK is selected, the existing records will be deleted in the destination school.

A section with more information and links to other pages displays at the bottom of the page.