The Attendance Reporting Periods need to be set up before running the Student Attendance Detail Report or any Student Attendance Summary Reports.


View Attendance Reporting Periods - Read to ARP

Modify Attendance Reporting Periods - Read, Update to ARP

Add or Delete Attendance Reporting Periods - Read, Insert, Update, Delete

To add a Reporting Period, click on 'Add a New Record'.  From the Reporting Period dropdown, select the Reporting Period.  Enter the Starting Date and Ending Date. 

These dates must be valid school days. Warnings will be displayed if non-school days, or dates that overlap with existing Reporting Periods are entered, or Ending Dates before Starting Dates are entered. Records containing non-school days will highlight in yellow and will not be saved. Records containing overlapping dates will be annotated with a ~ tilde symbol. Records containing non-school days will be annotated with an * asterisk.

As reporting period dates are added or adjusted, the Totals Days field will be filled in automatically based on valid school days in the applicable Calendar. The Totals Days field can be filled in with a different value and saved, if needed.

Note:  if Calendar dates are adjusted during the year (for example, if a Calendar date at the start or end of a Reporting Period is modified so that it is no longer a school day), the Starting Date and Ending Date for Reporting Periods may also need to be adjusted. 

In Track schools, Tracks can be added using the Add Track button. Each Track can then be modified separately:

The Instructional Program for each Track can be modified using the Instructional Program dropdown. Click on Add Reporting Period to sequentially add Reporting Periods. Click on Remove Reporting Period to remove a Track's Reporting Periods in reverse sequence.

Add Starting Date, Ending Date, and Total Days to each Reporting Period. Click Save to save the Track's Reporting Period data.