Schools that use Attendance Tracks can copy the Track information from one Track to another Track, on the Calendar page. After a single Track is created, its information can be copied to multiple other Tracks, which can then be customized if needed. 


To copy Track information to another Track, a user will need Insert permissions to the DAY (Calendar Information) table.

How to Copy a Track

Go to the Calendar page by filtering for "calendar" or navigating to School Info > Calendar.

Under the list of Calendar months, the Attendance Track dropdown will allow you to choose which Track's Calendar is displayed. The blank choice at the top of the dropdown is the default Calendar, which cannot be copied into. Track Calendars start at Track A and continue alphabetically through the number of Tracks set up at your school (to add Tracks, set a value in the Tracks field on the School Options page). If no Tracks are set up at your school, the Attendance Track dropdown will not be displayed. 

To copy a Track, use the dropdown to select the Track that you want to copy to. In this example, Track D has been selected as the target for the copying. 

Once a Track other than the default has been selected, the Copy Calendar From Another Track button will be displayed. When this button is pressed, the Copy Track Calendar popup will be displayed:

The Copying to Track: field will display the Track that will be copied into (in this case, Track D was selected). Use the Select a Track to Copy From: dropdown to select the Track which will have its information copied from (in this case, Track C):

With the above selections, Track C will be copied to Track D. 

Press the Copy Track button to continue with the process of copying the Track information. To abandon the process instead, press Close.

After Copy Track is pressed, a confirmation popup will display:

To copy the Track information, press OK. A progress indicator will be displayed:

When the process is finished, the page will need to be reloaded to see the new information:

The Track copied to will now have the same date codes (informational or non-attendance codes) as the Track that was copied from. 

Track Waiver and Minutes information will be included in the copied information.