Valid Marks Overview  

The Valid Marks page is used to update or display all marks that can be used for grade reporting. Every possible mark, including those with a plus and minus, must be set up for grade reporting, (e.g., "A", "A-" and "A+").  

Navigate to Grade Reporting > Configurations > Valid Marks. 

A mark can be selected to be included in the GPA computation. If a student receives this mark, the credit for the course is counted as completed and/or attempted. Some schools give a higher weighted GPA for honors courses. The point value is maintained in this table. For example, more weight can be given to an “A+” than to an “A–“.

Checking the Weight Advanced Placement / IB Courses box will also identify those courses on the transcript.


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Enabling Transition Grade Reporting Mark Points Setting  

The Valid Marks page has an option to set Transition Grade Reporting Mark Points. This feature allows a district to modify their set grade mark point values to transition in or out of certain mark weights. With this option enabled, the Valid Marks page will display new fields to set a transition grade as well as mark points. These new fields are stored in the GRC table and are:

GR – Transitional Grade. The grade and above that should use the transition mark points.

GT – Transitional Grade non-Honors Mark Points

GH – Transitional Grade Honors Mark Points

GN – Transitional Grade Non-Academic Mark Points

GA – Transitional Grade Advanced Placement Mark Points.

Students in the specified transition grade and above will be weighted based on those transition mark points. The students below the specified transition grade will use the existing grade point values stored in the Grade Codes/Update Valid Marks (GRC) table in fields PT, PH, PN and PA.

The District Setting “Allow Transition Grade Reporting Mark Points” must be enabled on the District Settings page to set these mark points. Navigate to School Info > Configurations > District Settings at the District or School level.  

After the rule has been enabled a Set Grade-Level Point Defaults button will display.

NOTE: User accounts will need Update permission to the District Settings security area to enable the district rule and Update to the Update Valid Marks security area to use the “Set Grade-Level Point Defaults” option.

Clicking on the Set Grade-Level Point Defaults button will pre-set the newly enabled transitional grade fields with the default grade marks currently in the GRC table in the database. 


Editing Transitional Grade Settings on Valid Marks Page  

After the District Setting is enabled, the transitional grade mark fields can be viewed and edited at the school level. Navigate to Grade Reporting | Configurations | Valid Marks page.

Select a Valid Mark from the list, then click on Change button. Enter the grade level the transitional marks apply to, then populate mark point values. The Transitional Grade mark point values will apply to any student in the listed transitional grade and above. In the example below, the mark points will apply to anyone in 11th grade and above. Any student below 11th grade will be weighted on the existing non-transitional grade point values.

NOTE: After setting up Transitional Grade mark points, it is recommended to recompute the GPA’s.

When Transitional Grade mark points are in use, all grade point averages system-wide will be affected for the included students. This includes the following reports: Student Transcript, CSU Eligibility Report, UC Eligibility Report, GPA Summary Listing by Mark, and GPA Summary Listing by Term.