The Define Fields to Sync/Lock page allows Districts to synchronize changes to Student data throughout the District. The Define Fields to Sync/Lock page is available in  School Info -> Configurations .

Security: Admin users only

Whenever data is changed for a Student in one School, those changes can be automatically synced between the active record and pre-enrolled copy of the Student at another school. This includes fields in the Student (STU), Supplemental (SUP) and Secondary Student Data (SSD) tables.  Each field can be selected to synced or not.

This procedure was developed to help alleviate the necessity of the process of running Update Student Data during the rollover process.  As long as all allowable tables are set to be ID-based, the essential fields are set to sync, and all matriculating students are pre-enrolled in their next schools, then the Update Student Data process is no longer needed.

The process also includes a method with which to Lock fields in a pre-enrolled copy of a student.  This will keep users at the next school from changing key information such as address or phone numbers.  As with the sync process, these fields can be selected to be locked or not.

NOTE:  The options in  District Settings that can be selected to update Inactive records in the database or to update Active records when changes are made to Active and Pre-enrolled records may overlap with the Sync/Lock functions.  You may want to use either the Lock or District Rule 25.  Both rules default to OFF.

There are 3 Tables to Select:, Student Data (STU), Supplemental Data (SUP), and Secondary Student Data (SSD).

All the fields will default to ON except for certain Student Data (STU) fields that could be school specific.

Certain fields are intentionally hidden as these are School-specific:

  • SC, SN, DEL, DTS (all tables)
  • SSD.AD2, SSD.RA2

There are 2 columns for each Table.  Sync Changes to Field and Lock Field in Pre-Enrolled Records.  The All and None buttons on each column can be used to quickly turn off or on all fields. If all fields are de-selected, this will disable the Sync/Lock feature.

The Sync Changes to Field will allow changes to a Students' record to update any Active or Pre-Enrolled record for the same student.  

Sync feature works according to the following logic/rules:
  • Changes to an Active record are synced to other Active records and to any Pre-enrolled records
  • If District Rule 23 - Update inactive student records when changes are made to active copies of that student is enabled, then changes to an active record are also synced to inactive records
  • If District Rule 25 - Update student records when changes are made to pre-enrolled copies of that student is enabled, then changes to a pre-enrolled record are synced to other records (active and pre-enrolled). This can work in conjunction with Rule 23 so that changes to pre-enrolled records sync to inactive records, too. The fields must not be locked on the Define Fields to Sync/Lock form in the Lock Field in Pre-Enrolled Records column.

The Lock Field in Pre-Enrolled Records will lock the fields at the School where the Student is Pre-Enrolled. This will prevent users at the new School from changing key information such as address or phone numbers.  When the fields are selected to be locked they will display as read-only at the next school and cannot be changed. 

NOTE: This feature does not apply to Pre-enrolled students who are not currently attending the District, but only if they also have an Active record at another School in the District as the current School has ownership of the Student Data.

Below is an example of a Pre-enrolled 9th grade Student, who has an Active record at his current Middle School, with various STU fields selected to lock. Note the fields are not editable.