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There are three ways to search for Students in Aeries. The Student Search tool at the top of the Navigation menu, the Multi- Student Search page and the District Student Lookup page. 

Student Search tool


Student Search BoxNo permission required. This is available on all pages to all Users and Teachers.Although Students can be searched and appear in the results, selecting and navigating to a Student only displays information the current User has permissions to.

For example, a user who does not have permission to STU.CU or STU.CNS will not see the Primary Teacher or Counselor names. Instead N/A will display in the column cell.
Student Search box options
Reverse Lookup (Emergency Contacts -CON)ReadAllows searching by Contact information
Search All SchoolsUser must have access to more than one School.
Multi-Student SearchNo additional permissions required.
Multi-Year District Search ('District Student Lookup')ReadAllows use of the District Student Lookup page
Groups (Student Group Members - SGM)ReadAllows searching by Student Group
Multi-Student Search pageNo additional permissions required.
District Student Lookup page ('District Student Lookup').ReadAllows use of the District Student Lookup page.

Student Search tool

The Search tool accepts the complete or partial Student Name, Student Number, Student ID, State Student ID or SSN/S-Number (if used).  Click the magnifying glass icon to bring up the Student Search window. This window allows for a new Search to be started and lists search tips. The default Search is limited to the current school. To search another School use the School selector to change Schools before searching. 

When using the Student Search at the District level there is an option to Include Inactive Schools. The results will include all District students. There is a Limit To: dropdown with choices for searching 250, 500, 750, and 1000 records. The dropdown will default to 250.

Alternately, the District Student Lookup can be utilized to search Students throughout the District when logged into the School-level.

Student Search results

From the Search results screen, the count of Search results are listed at the top right of the form. 

Number of results returned

Clicking on a Student opens the current page for that Student. For example, if the User is on the Special Programs page and then searches for and selects a Student, clicking on the Student displays the Special Programs page for that Student.

After a Student is selected, clicking on the magnifying glass again displays the previous search results.

A Student can also be located by entering the Student Number, Student ID, or State Student ID into the Search box. A list of Student Numbers, ID Numbers, or State ID Numbers can also be entered, separated by a comma, space, or line break. For example, this could be utilized to copy a column of Student ID numbers from Excel and immediately keep those Students.

Search with multiple student i d's

Note: If only one Student is matched while entering a number, the User is taken directly to that Student.

A Social Security Number (SSN) or S-Number (for TX) can also be used to find Students with the Student search. These can be entered with or without hyphens (ex. 123-45-6789 or 123456789). To use SSNs or S-Numbers you need to enable SSN collection in Configurations > School Settings Page, by checking the option: Allow Collection of Social Security Numbers via Encrypted Student/Staff Data (ESD) found at the bottom of the page in School Settings.

The various options for searching are considered below.

Search All Schools  

When a User has permissions to more than one school, an option is displayed to Search All Schools. When that option is checked, Students meeting the search criteria display from all Schools the User has access to, with a column indicating the School of enrollment for each Student on the search list. If a Student is selected from a different School than the one the User is logged into, Users are asked to confirm whether they want to to switch to the other School and display that Student. 

message advising student is at another school and user will be switched to that school

This confirmation is displayed every time, unless the User selects OK (Don't Ask Again).  

A second message displays, letting the User know that this setting can be changed in their Account Settings. 

confirmation message to not ask to switch schools every time

"Fuzzy" Search  

By default, the Search tool results include names that begin or end with the letters entered.  For example, "Smith" includes Smith-Johnson and Johnson-Smith.  Aliases and Middle Names are also included.

The Fuzzy Search Results option controls whether or not a result set includes similar names (e.g. "John" includes Jon, Sean, and Shawn), Reverse names (e.g. "Jesse James" includes James Jesse), and Partial names (e.g. "El" includes "Kelly"). The Fuzzy Search logic limits the results even further based on similar starting letters within the results set. The "No Results Found" scenario includes a message to "Try using Fuzzy Search to see potential matches". This can be turned on by checking the Fuzzy Search Results box at the top of the Search results screen.

Fuzzy search option

Search by Group  

Search results can also be filtered using the Group drop-down box. This allows Students who are defined in a Student Group to be displayed, or for a search to be made only within the selected Group. Once a Group is selected the User can search within that Group, or click Keep and List Group which lists the Students and KEEP them.

Search by group option

message showing student records are being skipped

To clear the Group selection use the 'Reset' link

link to reset and remove student record limitations

Keeping Students  

When search results are displayed, a Keep Students option is available at the top right corner of the Search window (next to the total number of Students returned). Selecting this option is similar to running a KEEP/SKIP query. The option to Keep Students is only available when searching at a single School. If the option to Search All Schools is enabled, the Keep Students option is NOT available.

link to keep students

message advising student records are being skipped

Note: A search for a specific Student ID while the Keep Students is applied ignores the KEEP/SKIP.

Recently Viewed Students  

A list of the recently viewed Students is easily accessible from the Student Search. This feature makes it easy to quickly go back to a Student who was previously viewed. 

Link to show recently viewed students

last viewed column showing date of last view

This is the same list of the Last 10 Students that is available when clicking the current Student's name at the top of the page.

list of recently viewed students on information bar by clicking on student name

Note: using the "Forward/Next" and "Backward/Previous" Student arrows do not register the Students as "Recently Viewed".

next and previous student navigation arrows

Reverse Lookup  

The ability to search for Students using all or part of a Telephone Number, Street Address, Email Address, Contact Name, or Date of Birth is available. Both Student Demographics and Contact information are matched.

reverse lookup link

For example, if a message was received that gave a phone number, but not the name of the person leaving the message, Reverse Lookup for telephone number can be utilized - select the "Telephone number' option under the Reverse Lookup section, enter the phone number (or partial phone number), select search. All Students and Contacts with matching Telephone records are returned. 

reverse lookup results for phone number

Multi Student Search  

The Multi Student Search link opens the  Multi Student Search page which is used to search for Students from a list of Student names or Student ID's. The Student information can be copied and pasted into the Multi Student Search text box from sources such as an Excel spreadsheet, a TXT file or email. There is a limit of the top 3,000 records that are returned.

The Multi Student Search page can also be found under the Student Data area of the navigation tree. 

Multi student search page

A multi student search can be performed by Name or by ID. Select the correct tab to use for the search.

multi student search name or id options

Paste the search criteria from the source file into the text area under the By Name or By ID tab. In the example below the search is using information from an Excel spreadsheet to perform a By Name search. The Column Delimiter and Column Order options at the bottom of the page auto detect what the source information is using. Click the Search Students button. 

multiple student names copied from an excel sheet into the text box

Search results display in 2 tab areas: Perfect Matches and Incomplete Matches.

multi student search results

Perfect Matches are defined by only one student being matched exactly by First Name and Last Name or by Student ID. 

Incomplete Matches are search results that have multiple possible matches or are not found at all. 

The Search results area has options to Keep Selected, Export Selected, Add Selected to Group and Print

The Keep option KEEPs the Students. 

Options to keep export add to group or print

The Export option drops the Student Perfect Matches results into a list to Export to Excel. Clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of a column provides sort options and also allow the ability to add some additional fields to the search results prior to the export. Clicking on the Export List to Excel button exports the results to an Excel spreadsheet. 

results being exported to excel

The Add to Group option allows the selected Students in the search results to be added to a Student Group. Clicking on Add to Group brings up the Add Checked Students to a Group box where a Student Group can be selected to add the Students to. 

add to group selection of student group

The Incomplete Matches area allows an additional search to try and find a match by using the Change Search button. If no results are found, the text box containing the searched name can be used to modify the name. 

incomplete matches

Multi-Year District Search  

The Multi-Year District Search link opens the District Student Lookup page that allows for searching for Students who may have records in various Schools and/or Academic years. This search produces a list of Students who have attended the District, including Students who have not attended for many years, and is useful when trying to determine a Student's last Enrollment year. In addition, the District Student Lookup page features the functionality to Copy a student from a prior school year database or print Transcripts (Elementary or Secondary), Enrollment History or Immunization Records for Students from prior Academic years. 

The Multi-Year District Search is accessible:

  • From the Student Search window, click on Multi-Year District Search
  • From the Student Demographics page - Click the Add button and then the Search Prior Year button
  • From the Navigation Tree by selecting District Student Lookup

District student lookup page

Note: The District Student Lookup is dependent on having all Students who have ever attended a District in the IDN and ENR tables for full functionality.

IDN Records - Searches the IDN table for the Student by:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • ID
  • State ID
  • Birthdate

STU Records - Searches the STU table for the Student by:      

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • ID
  • State ID
  • Birthdate
  • School and Stu #

Active STU - Searches the STU table for Active Students by:      

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • ID
  • State ID
  • Birthdate
  • School and Stu #

Selecting a Student from the searched list displays all the Student's related Enrollment records, the Copy Student functionality, and Icons indicating available reports.

Icon Hyperlinks:

  • Copy Student - Copy a Student from a prior school year to the current year.
  • Transcript - Print transcript  
  • Enrollment History - Print Enrollment History
  • Immunization Records - Print Immunization Records

Selected student is highlighted

transcript, enrollment, immunization and copy student icons available for the student

Primary Teacher, Counselor and/or Teacher Columns  

The Student Search has a column called Primary Teacher. This column is only available if the school is Flex and the Primary Class Tracking has been enabled. For each student, the column displays the name of the student's Primary Teacher as of the nearest school day to today's date. The Primary Teacher that displays in this column matches the Primary Teacher on the Student Demographics page and is represented by the student's enrollment in a section that is identified as a Primary Class. For information on Primary Class Tracking, see Elementary Primary Class Scheduling.

The Counselor column will display counselor names according to either the STU.CU or STU.CNS fields. When the School Options has the Staff ID Based Counselor option enabled, the staff will display from the STU.CNS field. If the school is a secondary or flex school where the Staff ID Based Counselor is not enabled, the staff from STU.CU will display.

In elementary schools, only the Teacher column will display.

When logged into a school and the Search All Schools option is selected, if the district contains at least one Flex school where the Primary Class Tracking is enabled, the Primary Teacher column will display along with the Counselor.

NOTE: A Primary Teacher will display as N/A if the Search All Schools is selected and the student is not enrolled in a school using Primary Class Tracking. If a student is enrolled in a school where Counselors are used and the field is not populated, the column will display with Unassigned.

Districts with secondary and elementary schools only (non flex) will display a single column for Teacher or Counselor when Search All Schools is selected.