Aeries offers multiple ways to locate the pages and reports you are looking for.


  •  Account Settings > Preferences
    • The Collapse Navigation Upon Login option controls whether the navigation menu (drawer) is initially expanded (i.e., icons and menu text) or collapsed (icons only).


  Navigate to a page or report

The navigation menu has three sections: Pages, Reports, and Favorites.

  • The Pages and Reports menus have sub-menus which further group the features by application. 
  • Only the applications and features you have permission to access are listed.

By default the last menu you accessed is open.

  1. Click Pages to open the pages menu, which provides access to all available Aeries pages and functions according to your permission settings.

  2. Click Reports to open the reports menu, which provides access to all available Aeries reports according to your permission settings.

  3. Click Favorites to view pages or reports you have designated as Favorites. See the Add Favorites and Remove a Favorite sections below.

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  Navigate by menu

The Aeries navigation menus list all Aeries pages and reports to which you have access. Pages are organized into sub-menus by their application. Reports are listed in a separate menu.

Each sub-menu can be expanded and collapsed..

  1. Click the Expand icon for each sub-menu to view the pages.
  2. Click the Collapse icon for each sub-menu to hide the pages.

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  Filter by page or report name

If you know the name of the Aeries page or report you wish to view, you can go directly to the page.

  1. Type the name in the filter navigation field.

    As you begin typing, the menu is filtered to list only pages that contain the characters you typed.

  2. Click the page name in the menu. The page opens.
  3. To clear the filter criteria click the Close icon in the filter navigation field.

    The full menu is again displayed.

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  Expand/collapse navigation menu

The left-side navigation menu can be expanded or collapsed. Collapsing the menu provides more space for the Aeries page you are viewing.

NOTE: The navigation menu may be expanded or collapsed upon login depending on school settings. See the Prerequisites section above. 

The menu is typically expanded by default. When expanded, both the menu icon and text are displayed.

  1. Click the Close icon in the top-left corner to collapse the menu.

    When collapsed, only the menu icons are displayed, but you can click anywhere in the navigation menu to view both the menu text and icons.

  2. Click the Menu icon in the top-left corner to expand the menu.

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  Add Favorites

Frequently used pages and reports can be designated as Favorites, which creates a shortcut to the page or report in your Favorites menu. 

  1. While on a page, click the Favorites icon in the top-right corner to designate a page as a Favorite.

  2. The Favorites icon on the page changes to solid gold and remains so as long as the page is designated as a Favorite.

  3. Favorite pages are listed in the Favorites menu.

  4. Select the page from the Favorites menu. The page opens.

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  Remove a Favorite

  1. Open the page and click the gold Favorites icon.

    The page is no longer designated as a Favorite and is removed from the Favorites menu.

  2. Or, from the Favorites menu click the Edit Favorites icon.

  3. Click the Delete icon for the Favorite you wish to remove, then click Done.

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  Return to homepage

From any page in Aeries, click the logo in the top-left corner to return to the Aeries homepage.

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