Aeries Web Version now has an integrated Financials system that allows schools and districts to manage billing and payment of tuition and other fees charged to students. Aeries has teamed with Livingtree to create a unique integration that allows students to pay their fees online.

Aeries users with appropriate permissions are able to manage fee transactions, process payments, create Livingtree payment portals on behalf of students, and create monthly payment schedules. Parents and students can also view recent financial transactions and access the Livingtree payment portal via the Aeries Student and Parent Portal.

The Aeries Financials feature can also be utilized without the Livingtree integration to record fees, set up a payment schedule, and keep a running balance for the student without the automated payments.

NOTE: A license is required to utilize the payment portal or other Livingtree features of Aeries Financials. Contact for additional information or pricing.

Financial Transactions page

Since Aeries Financials has similar features to Fees and Fines, a district rule may be turned on to utilize Financials exclusively. With this box checked, any pages or functions related to Fees and Fines will be hidden in the navigation, or will be adjusted to use Financials instead.

Navigate to District Settings. Enable the option "Use Financials (Instead of Fees and Fines)."