Aeries Revision Notes 12/2/2021

Issues Resolved

  • Special Ed Data Import - For California customers, when a student’s exiting services had multiple meetings on the same date (e.g., an Annual Review and a Triennial), the Exit Date and Exit Reason were sometimes blanked out in Aeries, fixed. 

  • Attendance Audit Listing - In some circumstances, the error "Student is not enrolled in any primary classes on {Date}" was generated incorrectly, fixed.  Note that this also affects the status message displayed on several pages, such as Classes, Demographics, and Attendance Enrollment.

  • SBG Report Cards - Teachers were not able to print standards based report cards in secondary schools not using staff sections, fixed. 

  • Import Data to Aeries - The Load Mapping button did not display the load mapping pop-up window since the version, fixed.

  • Portal Options - Attendance - The word "Schools" was misspelled, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • Special Ed Student Services - Added the Additional Info 1 (A1) and Additional Info 2 (A2) fields.

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