Aeries Revision Notes 8/14/2020

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Transcript DefinitionsThe Transcript Definitions page now includes a new section within Things to Print (TTP - for Score Translations. These values will be stored in the Cross-Reference (XRF) table and allow defining a required table and field value for a Test to print on the transcript. This allows users to define TTP to print Passed or Waived instead of actual scores. Also the Things to Print section now includes a "Use Score Translation" checkbox to allow setting the "Score" to the Score Translation defined in Score Translations. Also added logic to allow Test Exclusions (TEX) records to be defined, and adjusted the TTP pop-up for better alignment. Please note - the Test Exclusions and Score Translations logic will only apply to the newly designed 1-column transcript at this time.
Student Transcripts reportThe newly designed 1-column transcript style will now honor the new Score Translations logic and Test Exclusions (TEX) as defined in TTP - Things to Print on Transcript Definitions.
Parent/Student PortalThe prompt to Parents to try the New Parent Portal is now on by default. Enhancements, improvements, and translations have been added to the new experience. A district may disable the new portal design prompt and preview by setting the appropriate option on the District Settings page.
Aeries APISeveral APIs that were previously restricted to a custom implementation are now available to all customers. These APIs are focused on pre-enrollment actions such as adding new students, managing contacts, etc. Opening up these APIs will allow 3rd party systems to more actively manage student and contact data including enrolling new students and transferring students for pre-enrollment and school of choice situations.
Aeries Mobile APISingle Sign On support has been added for teachers in order to access GoToCommunications.aspx page inside of the Teacher App.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to support Flex Scheduling in the Aeries Mobile Portal app Home Screen and Grades and Aeries Teacher app Student's Class Summary.
Class Summary widgetThis widget in the Student Profile page has been modified to support Flex Scheduling.
Gradebook SummaryThis page has been modified to support Flex Scheduling.
Multiple PagesThe following pages, Teacher Attendance, Attendance by Photo, Student Attendance, Classroom and Aeries Teacher app have been adjusted to support Use Staff in Sections for Secondary schools with Daily Attendance type.
Attendance Notes reportThis report has been modified to support Flex Scheduling.
Mass Change Period AbsencesThis page has been modified to support Flex Scheduling.
Texas State ReportingThe Staff Interchanges for PEIMS and TSDS Core Collections have been updated to support Section Staff and Flex Scheduling.
Import Test ResultsImports for the 2019-2020 version of TELPAS and TELPAS Alternate are now supported.
UC ELC ExtractThis page now automatically includes all students grades 9-12 in the TES Extract. According to UCOP, the TES extract no longer requires parental consent.
OneRoster ConfigurationA new "Break Up Elementary Classes by Grade Level" has been added to this page. This option is default to on starting 20-21 school year.
OneRosterThe agentSourcedIds value in the Users.csv file was modified to match the Users.agentSourcedIds from the OneRoster API. Also, changes were made to the OneRoster Extract and the API endpoints to support the "Break Up Elementary Classes by Grade Level" feature.
Teacher AttendanceStudent Sorting has been added to this page for all student data columns, including the additional student fields configured from the Portal Options page.
Third Party ConnectionsA "Test API" option for ParentSquare customers has been added to the 3rd Party Connections page along with visual indicators for API and SAML configuration. Also, an option to turn on Verbose Logging for troubleshooting ParentSquare connections has been added.
SAMLAllow SAML authentication from Admin accounts to ParentSquare.
Google Staff IntegrationThe count of new users was listing users and existing users in the results email, fixed. 
Google IntegrationAn email was being sent for every new Student Account/ESI created. This was not needed and has been removed. Also, District Cache entries were simplified to no longer include a hash which had the potential to change and create multiple records. Added additional logging to caching process.
Elementary TranscriptsA new option to support double sided printing has been added. Also, this report previously truncated longer standard descriptions, fixed. Also, this page would not print mark explanations effort and progress descriptions unless they had an achievement description, fixed.
StaffStaff Assignments (STA) has been modified to allow custom codes to be used. Fixed CBEDS codes are suppressed.
Activities and AwardsNew types and codes options have been added to the dropdowns on this page.
Teacher AttendanceFor Texas schools, a student's Instructional Model of Remote Synchronous (RS) or Remote Asynchronous (RA) will display next to each student if they are populated in the PGM table.
School ProgramsFor Texas schools, two new School Programs have been added to support remote learning: 1) Remote Synchronous (RS), and 2) Remote Asynchronous (RA). If a school program is used, the School Program code in effect will display in the Instructional Model column for every student on the Teacher Attendance page. 
Student ProfileIn certain circumstances, an error occurred when opening the Student Profile page, fixed.
Attendance ManagementAn error message was displaying when selecting the All Day Code and "Do not allow All day Code to update periods" options on the Mass Add tab, fixed.
Class List By Teacher reportWhen sorting by Grades Taught the report was using TCH.PD instead of TCH.LO, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationSome mobile devices were having an issue where content was being cut off on the Confirm Income Survey question, fixed.
Standards Based Grades TemplateIn some instances line number for an achievement or effort would not save upon exiting the page, fixed.
Elementary TranscriptsThis report would render an error when marks have more than 3 characters, fixed.
New Portal SearchThe Search feature in the new Portal was displaying Student Classes, Teachers and assignments even though that information should have been hidden, fixed.
System-wideActive Directory users under certain circumstances would encounter an additional authentication prompt when accessing a page to which they had limited permissions, fixed.
Student Data Printout and Class Rosters reportsThese reports would fail to run for users with large user id numbers since the 7/02 Aeries update, fixed.
TREx ExportStudent Records will now default to having a Graduation Diploma Type of 34. Some fields had the potential to exceed the TREx length specifications, fixed.
Enrollment HistoryThe process of populating enrollment history was setting the graduation code for TX as "230" instead of "01", fixed.
Classroom AttendanceThe Period field was not refreshing when changing teachers, fixed.
Student DemographicsIn certain circumstances, an error occurs when editing a student record, fixed.
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