Aeries Database Changes 7/2/2020

Is New?TableFieldComments
Added new Report Options (RPO) table for future use.
New Attendance History (CHD) table for use with Flex Scheduling.
FALSEAHDSTYAdded new Schedule Type (STY) field to the Attendance History Detail (AHD) table for use with Flex Scheduling
FALSEAHSHSRedesigned the Primary Key of the Attendance History Summary (AHS) table to include a new Home School (HS) column.
FALSEATNSEAdded new Section (SE) field to the Attendance Notes (ATN) table for use with Flex Scheduling.
FALSESchedCHAdded new CTE Hours (CH) to the Scheduling (MST, SMS, and SMB) tables.
FALSEXRFSIIncreased Sign (SI) field to 2 characters in the Cross Reference (XRF) table.
FALSERT_HISCHAdded new College Credit Hours (CH) to the Records Transfer Transcripts (RT_HIS) table.
FALSEARSGT, ADAAdded new Gifted/Talented (GT) and Average Daily Attendance (ADA) fields to the Attendance Reporting Summary (ARS) table for use in Texas.
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