Aeries Revision Notes 10/17/2019

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Adult EducationThis is a new page in Aeries that allows users to collect and modify Adult Education specific data.
Weekly Progress Email SetupA new option was added to allow parents and students to generate Weekly Progress Emails on-demand. When this option is enabled, parents and students will see a "Send Now" button on the Parent Notification Preferences page. The parent or student must enroll in Weekly Progress Emails before they can use the "Send Now" feature.
Financial Transaction by Date reportTwo new options, Include Canceled and Declined Transactions, have been added to the report to allow users to exclude canceled and declined transactions if ALL is selected for the Limit Payment Status option.
Weekly Progress EmailsThis process is now multi-threaded to improve performance. Also, under certain circumstances Weekly Progress Emails were delivered multiple times through Aeries Communications, fixed.
Alert ThresholdsAdjustments were made to improve the integration of Aeries Communications with Alert Thresholds.
Lunch Balance NotificationsAdjustments were made to improve the integration of Aeries Communications with Lunch Balance Notifications.
ContactsAttendance Announcements has been added to the new Notification Preferences dialog in Contacts which is available to Aeries Communications customers.
Attendance Audit Listing reportThe "Students has dropout code but has attendance data" message will no longer display for students with End-of-Year Status of "140". This change also applies to the Status area of the Student Demographics page.
Student SearchThe Student Search will now return a maximum of 300 students at the School and 1000 at the District, the previous limit was 100 and 250 respectively. The former "List All" button title has been updated to read "Keep and List Group" to more accurately reflect its function.
Student Transcript reportThe Work in Progress section on the Student Transcript report will now combine credits when students have multiple classes with the same Course ID instead of simply hiding the duplicate course.
RecomputeThe Recompute Class Rank and Size processes have all been updated to the following: Recompute Grade Reporting GPAs and Class Rank only includes active students. Recompute Cumulative GPAs and Class Rank also includes inactive students who have a graduation date (i.e. early grads). The totals will be the same, whether computed for a single student or for all students.
Various pagesStandardized styles have been applied to the following pages: Behavioral Emergencies, Counseling, Grades, Grade History, Retentions, Visitations, Witnesses.
Special Education and GATE pagesThe delete functionality has been added to the Special Education and GATE pages.
Student Directory reportA new option to sort by address has been added. Also, fixed landscape version formatting.
GradebookWhen adding a new assignment, the previously selected settings made by the user for the options "Visible to Portal" and "Score Visible to Portal" will be remembered.
Import Data to AeriesEnhancements to the import of GRD data has been added to the system.
Student Counts reportThe By Grade and Ethnicity/Race option was not calculating Filipino students correctly, fixed.
Define Required FieldsThe following fields have been removed from the list of required fields able to be required: CRS.CN, CRS.TGN, MST.SX, SMS.SX.
Initialize New Grade Reporting CycleThis process now supports Attendance Tracks A-Z.
Data ValidationSome records that did not pass Data Validation in an original run were still visible in a subsequent run of the same Data Validation after the validation violation had been corrected, fixed.
SecurityThe Data Validation security area was not visible under certain conditions, fixed. The Data Validation security area was moved to its own security setting's band for clarity.
FinancialsThe Financial Transactions page did not refresh after adding a payment to a student who does not have any charged transaction, fixed.
Hourly Attendance reportThe Hourly Attendance report for both Continuation and Summer had the potential to give connection pool timeout errors, fixed.
ClassesCourses with a forward slash in the Course Number field were not able to be added, fixed.
Staff Schedules reportTerms on page breaks were not displaying the correct term, fixed.
Academic Plan Summary widgetThe links now perform a KEEP on the group of students instead of their grade.
Gradebook DetailsThe visibility of the Gradebook dropdown list icon has been enhanced.
Assertive DisciplineAssertive Discipline(ADS) and Disposition(DSP) records now have Insert User Date, Insert User ID, Insert User Name , Update User ID and Update User Name fields to record the original Record creation Date and User, and the last User that updated the Record.
CBEDS-ORA Export FilesThe row number of the school start and end dates (SIF Section D) were not matching the row number in the 2019-20 File Import Specifications, fixed. Also, the Year Round Calendar no longer extracts.
Mass Copy GradebooksUnder certain circumstances, when a large number of gradebooks were being copied, the copy process would sometimes fail, fixed.

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