Known Issue - Attendance by Photo Seating Chart inserting P attendance codes - Fixed 8/9/2019

Since the 7/26/2019 version of Aeries, the "Mark Remaining Students Present" button on the Attendance by Photo page has been marking all unmarked students with a P (present) code instead of a blank code, in schools that do negative attendance. This includes daily and period attendance schools.

The teacher Attendance page and the Attendance by Photo - Old page is still functioning normally and does not have this issue. Also, positive attendance schools are not subject to this issue either, since all students should be marked with a P code if they are present.

This issue should not affect attendance reporting, since the students were considered present in class anyway. The extraneous P codes may be changed back to a blank code if desired.

As a workaround to avoid this issue we recommend teachers use the Teacher Attendance page as opposed to the seating chart to take attendance. Programming is aware of this issue, and is working on a fix now.

I think it might be happening in the teacher's regular attendance page too.  Should I put in a ticket to have it checked? 

Yes, if you think this is happening on the regular attendance page, definitely contact Support to troubleshoot. In our testing this issue was not present on the regular teacher attendance page.

This issue has been resolved with the 8/9/2019 version of Aeries, and installing this updating will resolve this issue. In the case of Aeries Hosting customers, our staff will install the necessary updates.

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