Known Issue - Online Enrollment Import error when Mailing Address is specified - Fixed 7/24/2018

Some customers may experience an error message when attempting to import specific Online Enrollment records. This occurs when the street number portion of the Mailing or Residence address is not numeric (i.e. PO Box 123, or 123A Main St).

Programming is aware of this issue, and is working on a fix as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the following workaround is provided. Aeries Support can be contacted for help applying this workaround, particularly if you do not have SQL access.

Run the following SQL script against your AeriesRegistration database, changing the xxxxx on the first line, to the Enrollment ID number of the record that is producing this error.

declare @rid int = xxxxx --change this number to Enrollment ID/RID number
update stu set ad1 = ' ' where ad1 = -1 and rid = @rid
update stu set ma1 = ' ' where ma1 = -1 and rid = @rid

After running the above script, the Enrollment record is now able to be imported, however there may be a 0 in front of the affected mailing and/or residence address. This can need to manually corrected during the import process.

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This issue will be resolved with today's Aeries be posted shortly.

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